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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • Sarah Percy - Fun for all ages!!!Our whole family is completely in awe of this toy. The engineering is actually quite impressive. Even dad's are intrigued when they see her fly into the air and watch the kids control her by just placing their hand under her feet. Our's flew up to the ceiling after the initial charge, but she came down and has worked perfectly since. No regrets here. Even the cat loves this flying fairy.
  • Katie L. Hart "waterfall_books" - Blink on a caffeine highEnter a world where detached headlines dance with your deepest fears, where friends and foes change hats, where cutting-edge meets supernatural.

    And where a kiss can steal a memory.

    She struggles to the surface of consciousness six weeks after the accident. Three faces in the hospital room catch her attention. Her venomous stepmother. Uncle Trent, an old family friend. And a handsome stranger who claims to have been much more.

    Exactly what, she can't remember. Half a year has been wiped from her mind. She doesn't know how the drugs got in her car and apartment. She doesn't remember the crash that nearly killed her and her brother. No one will even tell her if he's okay.

    As she scrambles to regain any fragment of what happened, every partial answer only brings more questions. Much is at stake in a presidential election year -especially when her father's name is on the ballot. Every step closer to the truth puts her more in danger.

    If she remembers, she dies.

    When you open a Ted Dekker novel, you know you're in for a mind-blowing ride. In Kiss, Dekker and Healy send you on that ride in the black of night. This is Blink on a caffeine high with a touch of amnesia. Don't start it before bed - it'll keep you up.