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  • Samantha - had to get two!We bought this for our 6 month old, but our 3.5 year old loves his so much we needed to get her one too.

    It has a bag that it is connected to so if you're traveling you can keep it covered and all together, (can't imagine loosing parts though). It has so far connected well to ever table we've tried it on. We were very worried about our table because of where it clamps down, but it hold very well.

    They are easy to clean, just unsnap, slide the bar out and slip it off. They wipe down well too, but because it is canvas it will start to smell if you don't put it in the washer ever. I think we only wash ours once a month, don't judge, they spot clean up very nicely!
  • BookMan - Spray on some holiday cheer and have a religious experience at the same time!Are you tired of dealing with peaceful students? Concerned that they may offend your Fascist sensitivities? Not to worry! Just a few quick squirts into the faces of benign young scholars will do the trick! Defense Technology 56895 MK-9 Stream is guaranteed to rid most areas of just about anything that gets your panties in a knot!

    MK-9 is not only a great pesticide but is quite versatile: in fact, the renowned UC Campus Police Lt. John Pike has perfected its use as a tool for creating performance art - just in time for the Thanksgiving Holidays! A few simple squirts will fill the air with a festive fall orangey color and smells great (although it's a bit more reminiscent of those HOT summer days than the waning days of autumn).

    If you're not into pesticides or holiday décor, Lt. John Pike has also offered his contributions to the culinary arts, here's the recipe for his savory "pepper spray delight":

    1. Acquire a sufficient number of students
    2. Bundle them together (arm linking is very effective)
    3. Turn up the heat
    4. Spray on liberal amounts of MK-9

    Isn't that simple? No cooking required so this recipe can be used almost anywhere!

    Not surprisingly, MK-9 has many medical uses: although we wouldn't recommended it (and the UC Davis Campus Police haven't yet conducted clinical trials - at least none that have yet been published), it is suspected that this product would offer the ultimate in colon cleansing! (Wouldn't be great if Fox News Anchor, Megan Kelly, volunteered for product testing as part of a reality show?) Defense Technology's research division has, however, demonstrated that their product is highly efficacious as an eye wash. Indeed, pepper spray is even capable of providing a religious experience. Just think, you can experience something right out of Bible and can even relive Apostle Paul's defining moment in history by experiencing temporary blindness. The anecdote, however, is simple - merely enroll at the University of California campus near you (warning, tuition is subject to change at any moment) and recite their motto - "Fiat Lux" (Let there be light)! It's probable that your eyesight will eventually be restored. Note: results will vary.
  • Douglas Karr "The Marketing Technology Blog" - A Prediction from the Age of ContextI like to think of myself as a competent technologist. I read about the new technological gadgets and software and my head begins to swim about the opportunities. My clients look to me to seek out new technologies that can improve their business results. I'm no futurist, but I do see potential when it's there. When Google Glass hit the market, I was blank. I simply couldn't see the opportunity that everyone, including Scoble, was buzzing about. It seemed like the next bluetooth headset to me... I was caught up into the style of outwardly wearing glasses with sensors and a computer rather than understanding where we were heading. When the 'switch' turned on in my head - I started eating up the book. Of course, "Google Glass" is simply one example in the book of the upcoming technological revolution.

    One of the most important books I ever read was Naked Conversations because it opened my eyes as a marketer to what could be next. What I love about Shel and Robert's last book that continues with this one is that they aren't predicting the future, they're describing the potential and making us understand the personal and global impact it could have to the way we work and play. This book is every bit as important and it's got me totally rethinking my business and how the "context" of the interaction with our mobile devices, our cars, and our future technology will impact my clients and their customers.

    I do have one prediction after reading this book. This is going to be the most important book you read in the next year.
  • Joan Raymos - Senior Citizen vs TechnologyChristmas morning my husband and I were alone and opening gifts from the kids. Then I came upon a strange looking gift. I wondered why my daughter & her husband would send me a black notebook or was it a candle. Well a few hrs later and a long distance phone call I was busy learning all about my Kindle. Since then I have read 3 books. For me that is great. My vision is dimming with age and reading was getting tiresome. Now my reading world is back...Thanks to technology and Kindle.

    Joan Raymos
  • Lincoln - So much more than just anti-virus!Complete computer and internet protection for 3 users for under $25 - I'm sold! I got tired of all the pop-up ads on free anti-virus programs. The hassle wasn't worth the few dollars I was saving.

    Not only is this internet anti-virus, it has so much more. I use the 10 GB of online file backup to store my irreplaceables (family photos, insurance documents, contracts, etc). I have the full system scan to keep my computer running faster and to keep my junk files to the minimum. I have a Trend Micro securely locked folder with my financial information in it. The secure delete program is my favorite. Instead of just emptying my desktop trash (which doesn't really delete anything, it just hides it), I delete all my file with the secure delete feature. This truly erases them so that they can never be hacked. Window's can't do that!

    Overall I'm very pleased with this software. It was a breeze to install. Runs great without any system crashes. And gives me much more than anti-virus. I'll be looking to upgrade when the 2013 edition is released.