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  • Gwenn Wright "(author of Filter)" - Gabaldon leaves me sad it is over, AgainAs ever, the inaudible, "NO!" resounded within me at the end of Voyager.
    This happens at the end of every Gabaldon novel I read.
    Fortunately this time I was prepared with Drums of Autumn by my side.
    Jamie and Claire are never dull and you never want them to leave you.
    Gabaldon is a master of writing at the highest level. If only history professors could bring the past to life with the same rich and lovely
    detail as Gabaldon.
  • SuperSoca - Excellent buyI have not begun to fully use or enjoy this tablet but already I am intrigued by its versatility. This is my first tablet and so far I enjoy the little use I have had with it. I can now read a lot of the PDF files, check emails, and so much more that I look forward to doing. My only issue with it is that it doesn't have a USB port but I knew that when I bought it and I have ordered the adapter.
  • orangehair - LOVE MY iPAD MINII really love this iPad. It's compact enough that I can carry it in my purse. Very easy to set up and navigate. I bought a leather cover for it that was only about $20.00 and it's thin enough that it doesn't add much to the slim size of the iPad at all. I also bought a screen saver for it. That screen save was about $12.00 which, I know, is a bit more than most screen savers, but I strongly recommend it. It was SO EASY to apply. NO BUBBLES.
  • Jean McClean - Still Fooling EmI have followed Billy Crystal' s career it seems like forever. This book gives so much more than his career. He shows the funny side, the sad side, and a very human side that you don't get to see when he is on screen. I found myself laughing out loud at some parts, crying right along with him at other times and saying to myself, yes that's me!
    But most of all his book has taught me that life truly is a gift and we should celebrate when ever we can.
    Billy, I do hope you read some of these reviews. Despite of some of your angst, you are mostly optimistic, and you still look "MAHHVALAS"!
  • Father's Bride - Eye- opening informationThis book was very enlightening. It was quite technical in spots, and required concentration, as it was written in a highly detailed and facts-driven mode. But well worth the time. It all makes sense...but it was kind of scary to have the reality hit home. Anyone who is interested in the future of our planet, and how to be prepared for what is to come should definitely read this.