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  • Jessica D. "triathlon coach" - Finally, a Book That Doesn't Just Tell Us What to DoI am on my 5th baby but it's been 10 years since my last child was born. I am quite rusty on all the recommendations for pregnant women and needed a refresher.

    This is one of the ONLY pregnancy books I have ever read that wanted me to have information so I could make my own decisions (another was The Girlfriend's Guide to Pregnancy but that is a completely different type of book). Every other book out there tells you want to do in a sometimes condescending, paternalistic way but without explaining the evidence behind the recommendations. This book does just the opposite - shares the evidence, and then leaves the decisions up to you.

    I really thought the author was spot-on in how frequently we put ourselves into camps that believe a certain SET of ideas rather than judging each idea separately. It's incredibly hard to make the time to research each and every aspect of pregnancy and childbirth and evaluate them all scientifically. It's much easier to believe strongly in one thing (natural vs. medicated, for example), and then agree with whatever everyone in that camp seems to believe about a variety of other topics. This book allows you to move away from that by giving you the evidence you need to understand topics individually, so you may want an epidural-free birth but agree to a Vit K shot for baby, or have an epidural but insist on no routine episiotomy. Maybe you will not drink coffee but will eat deli meat, or have a glass of wine a few times a week but never clean the litter box.

    I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for more information about this important time in their lives. There is no evidence for much of what we are told to avoid during pregnancy, and if you aren't into being a martyr for no reason, read this book.
  • gman - AmazingA must buy for anyone is medical school. The one text that has everything with exceptional organization. I had the binding removed and three hole punched for my system courses. This way I could take only the pages I needed.
  • MacGuffin "MacGuffin" - Isn't She Lovely?...sorry for being seized by the Stevie Wonder Syndrome but I was unable to resist--she's gorgeous.
    A little background: I grew up during the days of the first two Barbies--the "ponytail" and the "bubble." Sorry to have to say this, but Barbie's (as well as Midge's, Scooter's, et al.) quality was much higher in those days, so for those of my generation, the Barbies that have come since have all fallen somewhat short. However, that doesn't mean they're not beautiful and this is especially true of the Collector Series. Mind you, I'm not the one doing the collecting; fortunately there's a littl'un in my life who's about the "girliest" child ever born, still plays with dolls, and who adores Barbie. Not unpredictably, she went nuts over the 2013 Holiday Doll.

    This particular Collector is a vision in white, something I tend to be a sucker for in general. Her long blonde hair is a perfect complement, as are her blue eyes and rose-colored lips. Her earrings and gown are tastefully spangled and about the only thing I'd have changed is adding a pair of opera-length gloves. She appears to have walked out of the pages of a fairy tale. Everything seems to be of nice quality but I wish with all my heart that this most American of toys were still made here.

    As at least one other person has mentioned, the box in which Barbie resides is rather flimsy and really isn't appropriate for display, at least by discerning adult collectors. However, I can't complain about this too much since this particular doll is going to see active service with her owner albeit not until after Christmas. After the first viewing, she likes to put such "Auntie" gifts away until after holidays; she somehow feels that's a more appropriate way to take possession and who am I to argue?

    All in all, Barbie Collector 2013 Holiday Doll is a worthy addition to the Collector series, especially if the intended collector is a child. This Holiday Barbie is a perfect holiday gift for the right little girl of any age.

    Update: It's worth noting that it's a tossup as to who is more besotted with Barbie Collector 2013 Holiday Doll--her new "mom" or her "grandma."
  • T. Teater - A serious and important discussionI read an excerpt from this book on Alternet and when ahead and bought it. Mr. Balko starts with a brief history of police forces from Ancient Rome, England and of course America from colonial policing forward. Mr. Balko's description of the extent of militarization of policing in contemporary America with it's concomitant rise in police brutality and violence is truly shocking with heavily armed and masked SWAT teams being used to serve warrants and arrest people suspected of even consensual crimes such as cannabis use or gambling. He also discusses English common law and some of the various court decisions that have in my view, gutted the Forth Amendment and the "Castle Doctrine." A large part of the discussions are necessarily related to the so called "war on drugs," and he makes the case that even non drug users can be victimized by overzealous cops via the wrong address, an informant giving false information, or an innocent family member being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I wish everyone would read this book!
  • Beth Trantum "Bin Trantum" - Right on the moneyNobody has the courage to cut thru the garbage like Ann Coulter. She helps me feel sane in an insane world. I am half way thru this book and I find that all this needs to be said and there is not one talking head or yacky face as my husband calls them save Ann Coulter. Thank you Ann. I am 60 years old but I want to be you when I grow up. God bless you.