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  • cogito ergo soup - Stunning. Heartbreaking. Epic.I have never been so enthralled with such a thoroughly depressing novel, even beyond For Whom the Bell Tolls. I read it twice in two weeks, something I'd never done since Siddhartha. I drop the names of these classic titles only to suggest that this work belongs in that realm of timeless classics. While I loathed Blood Meridian, I found The Road a brilliant, heartfelt journey that exposes the raw, tender soul of man in a living Hell.
  • mick10793 - Love itThese are some extreme pills, after taking for the first week in, I was just a beast. I worked out every second I could. Before taking the DMZ I was 5'11 and weighed 118 lbs. After taking for the full 30 days (and skipping a few pills here and there) I now weigh 135.6. Not water weight, pure muscle weight. I've now been off of it for about a month now, and I'm still working out like when I was on it. It gave me the push I needed. I probably won't be re-buying simply because it gave me everything I wanted. working out is now apart of my everyday routine.

    A little side effect that I believe is noteworthy though, Anger did become more of an issue, I found myself getting extremely mad at things that shouldn't (Ex. I got extremely mad because I didn't know how to explain something properly to a friend), as long as you realize whatever you get mad about is stupid and let it go, you'll be fine. It's just the increase in hormones causing changes in mood.
  • bardofbyte - sequel to How to avoid huge ships, the iceberg tells allA lonely old iceberg was traveling to the waters of Bermuda to retire when this idiot big boat tried to
    pass it on the right. Now the iceberg has a terrible reputation but the whole sorry incident wasn't its fault
    [[ASIN:B00A16CHV8 How to Avoid Huge Ships and Other Implausibly Titled Books (Humour)]]
  • E. Gunderson "Hiker" - Great for a renewal - Awesome PriceIt was time to renew my subscription that came with my new laptop and the big box retailer where I purchased it had installed it so that it linked to their website to purchase at TWICE the price here! As other reviews note - order here - keep the key handle (I just left the screen up) and then open Norton - at the bottom of the page, click renew and enter (copy and paste) the product key!
  • Tech Guy - Best Antivirus EverI've been working with several security firms over the last 10 years and have found Webroot to be the most innovative company in this area. From the original SpySweeper to the Sophos-driven anti-virus to the new SecureAnywhere product they have improved year after year. The latest iteration is so light and powerful that you completely forget it is there until you need it. Best product available today.