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  • Brigitte H - Windows creates a disappointing dilemmaI purchased a new Windows laptop and as soon as the free trial anti-virus was up my computer EXPLODED with issues. At one point, it began not allowing me to use the internet and began deleting things off my desktop due to a "virus". Low and behold, what always worked was that Windows would pop up their "you have a virus" scan and offer me their $90 a year anti-virus to fix it. The real kicker was that it was offering you the change to purchase it by bringing up, wait for it, the internet webpage.

    After constant attempts to restore to a previous point before the "virus", I was getting desperate. Now I had to buy an anti-virus! Decided to check Amazon and found this deal. Not a name I've heard before, but good reviews. The minute I installed this anti-virus and began the scan, my computer functioned perfectly. After a 2 hour scan not a single virus or spyware was found, but this product 'allowed' my computer to work.

    I owe a lot to this program!
  • "" - 2 1/2 years and still going strongI have written two previous reviews of this book, a book that has had a very significant affect on my life. I started following the general principles in March of 1998. I remain about 95% clear. From the research I have done, I can tell you that this regimen works but not for everyone. Psoriasis seems to have a number of causes and therefore probably a number of "cures." This book will explain to you in layman's terms what goes on inside your body that contributes to this condition. If you're "fortunate" enough to have this as your cause, this will most likely ameliorate your symptoms. Here are the basics: 1) Stop eating the nightshade foods, which include tomatoes, potatoes, green, red, yellow and orange pepper, eggplant and paprika. Smoking also has to go. If you drink lots of water, a cup of tea twice a day, use lecithin powder on cereal and salad, take two baths a week with Epsom Salt, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, eat whole wheat products, eat chicken breast and fish and avoid all fried foods, you will greatly improve your skin condition. Once you see the clearing, you will understand that the severity of your psoriasis will be able to be controlled by how strictly you adhere to the principles. ... You can complain, you can moan and groan or you could try something that could turn your life around WITHOUT the drugs and steroids. With drugs and steroids, you are just trading one problem for another...
  • David Elkins - Wool - you won't gather it reading this novelThis is the first book I've read by this author. I was really impressed. He wove a fascinating story with multiple believable characters, a tight plot with plenty of suspense, and had a superb command of evocative language. There was sufficient believability to his imagined future to really hook this reader. Needless to say, I will be reading a good bit more of his work. Superb!
  • star wars mom - best advent calendar everMy son, a diehard Star Wars fan, loves this advent calendar. Each day he cannot wait to open up his new Lego surprise. There are many characters that he has always wanted but couldn't get any other way. He is so excited to see what's next in each individual compartment. Instead of useless candy, this is a gift he can actually play with and enjoy!