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  • Thorough Customer "Thorough Customer" - Awesome computer with excellent price.What can I say besides extremely satisfied. I owned gateway before they were taken over due to the fact I am a diehard AMD fan. The price point cannot be touched on this product. Great memory, hd, hdmi slots, cd/dvd burner, external card slot, webcam. etc. This has all the bells and whistles at an awesome price.
  • Yuber Ramon Gonzalez - the bestthe best tablet I have had.
    good camera,resolution,fast,easy handle,light,my best choice.
    my daugther is using the table for her studies,very easy for her to get online information.
  • J. David Kopp - GOOD LORD...Saw the author interviewed on some Sunday morning talk show. He had to deal with the usual bigoted pin-headed geekazoids they insist on pitting against intelligent, thinking writers. Articulate writer, with new and thought-provoking perspectives. I don't agree with all of them, but thank him for making me think about viewpoints I had never considered before. Thank you, Mr. Aslan.
  • alyssa a. - Great Stroller, Folds Smaller Than City MiniAfter having a one-hand fold stroller frame when my son was first born, my husband and I were looking for something lightweight to take him into toddlerhood, but couldn't get used to the umbrella-fold strollers. We narrowed our choices down to the City Mini and the B-Agile (both a fair trade-off between weight and ease of folding), and compared the two in a store. The biggest pro of the City Mini was that it came in more colors, but the B-Agile is so much more functional that it's been a better fit for us. We bought the B-Agile in black and it shows some dirt, but isn't too hard to clean with a wet rag or wipes. We chose black because it's a bit darker under the canopy at nap time. We bought this when our son was around 7 months old. He's now 14 months and it's still great for us. It rides smoothly even over bumps, handles easily with one hand, and my son is comfortable in it. The canopy keeps his face shaded without blocking his view, and I can easily check on him through the canopy screen.

    There are already a lot of great reviews comparing it with the City Mini, but these are the pros of the B-Agile that were most important to us:

    - Folds up smaller. The B-Agile has a narrower wheel base, so it takes up less space. The City Mini doesn't even fit in the small trunk of my Honda Ridgeline.
    - Weighs less. We live in a hilly neighborhood, so every pound counts.
    - Locks open and shut. The B-Agile seems much more secure in the way it locks open, and latches shut when folded.
    - Holds a diaper bag better on the handle. The City Mini we saw in the store had a warning on the handle that you should not hang your diaper bag there. The B-Agile didn't have this warning and holds a full bag without tipping even if my son is not in the stroller.

    We've used this stroller with the car seat adapter and our Chicco Keyfit 30 car seat for travel, and it worked great. However, the adapter has to be removed to fold the stroller, so I wouldn't recommend that setup for everyday use. If I had wanted a full travel system at the outset, I definitely would have gotten the travel system set with this stroller instead.

    Overall, this has been a great purchase that we've been extremely happy with.