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  • Mark Blythe - Smart Draw ProgramI have used VISIO in the past but Smartdraw blows it away. The ease in which templates can be viewed and downloaded makes all types of planning breeze. The user bars are friendly and saving your work is an easy click of the mouse. Planning my projects and flow charts have never been easier!

    Mark Blythe
    Yancey Texas
  • Janet H "Janet" - quickenloved this quicken for our computer for downloading our bank statement etc. Nixce at the end of the year, I can print out the medical etc. to get ready for taxes! Quicken is a must.
  • Operations BirdSong "Keats" - Do Not Miss This ....This is a mystery/thriller movie with fantastic action choreography by Donnie Yen. We do not speak the languages, the English subs are enough for our family to follow the plot. Pay special attention to all the scenaries. The village's landscapes and landforms are amazing. The lifeways of the villagers/clans presented were an eye-opener for us. The detective's 'SherlockHolmes' deductions are brilliant - how the villagers handled autopsies and burial are intriguing. Highly recommended!