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  • T. Rosen - Finally, a voice for Opressed White ChristiansIt's about time, but there's finally a voice for the voiceless. Being a practicing White Christian in this country has become something you might only see in concentrations of like 80 to 85% in many once completely homogeneous communities. In fact, shockingly, I saw a woman with a burka on my street the other day. I walked right up to her and said "ENGLISH!! DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH!!" She did, but that's besides the point. Basically, seeing a woman from a strange alien culture has completely ruined my Christmas season, which sadly only seemed to begin after Halloween. I bet that lady will be one of those who will complain when her kid at school gets picked on and beaten for not having a Christmas tree at home. If only the school systems could make this book required reading, along with: Every time some Harvard liberal says "Happy Holidays," part of my America dies. Hearing those words is like the lash of the slave master's whip, ripping into our milky white Christian flesh, destroying the fabric of our monolithic nation. Not only does YOUR refusal to celebrate a narrowly White Anglo Saxon Protestant pseudo-religious version of Christmas offend me, it oppresses me. Before you know it, people will stop associating this time of year with Jesus, and just trample each other when the local giant chain store is selling electronic devices made in China for 30% off. They should ONLY be trampling each other for foreign-made ipads WHILE REMEMBERING THIS ALL ABOUT THE BIRTH OF JESUS CHRIST!
  • Cynthia J Barnes - excelleent productlove it and still learning all the great things this tablet can do...this was a birthday gift and a good choice.
  • smurf - Long awaited--The only canonical study on this subject. A completely thorough and scholarly study on the big topics of patriarchy, marriage, purity, etc. This is not light and easy reading but a detailed study that requires careful reading and re-reading. I will be leading some in my church in a discussion on this book.
  • Rachel Dees "Dr. Rachel Dees" - Very good productI love the taste and love mixing it with frozen fruit it taste really good. I have lost six pounds in a week not too shabby I would say. I use mine for breakfast and dinner since its better to have lunch at work. It does NOT taste like other protein shakes and far from it. For those who think its expensive it comes out to 81 cents a meal with no fruit or added things. If you add frozen fruit and milk then your adding about 1.50 cents more a meal. You cant eat healthy for that little money. You can buy frozen fruit at the dollar store. Its a healthy way to start the new year and it taste great. I love waking up to my frozen shakes every morning and then have a light lunch after the first couple of days I wasnt even wanting the snacks but ate them for the calories. Its a great alternative to any of the other diet programs I would say.