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  • MYLILY - This IS working for me.It is working VERY well. If you intend to lose weight, you DO need to do the weight loss amount (4500 mg). While I haven't noticed much loss in pounds, I HAVE lost fat...and it has been noticed by others as well...so it isn't just me! I prefer the powered form but the capsules are convenient at work.
  • R. Johnson - The only thing that works!I can't recommend Abreva highly enough. Whenever I feel a cold sore coming on (that tingling feeling in my lip) I start to apply it immediately. It helps cold sores to heal faster (occasionally they don't even completely "erupt"), AND it makes them less painful! Get several and keep one at work, at home, and in the car. You'll want to use it at the first sign of a cold sore! The price is pretty good on Amazon... it's as much as $25 in some drug stores. Also, be sure to get the tube, not the "pump." I found you waste a lot with the pump because you can't control how much product comes out each use.
  • Elena Dimino - Panasonic Cordless TelephoneI finally decided to purchase a new cordless phone system for the house as our current answering machine and cordless handsets were so old they looked like relics. I am totally happy with the product, its easy to use, easy to set-up and has a great bonus feature that allows you to block up to 250 numbers. The screens are easy to read, the handsets are light and comfortable to use and the sound is clear, each handset also has a noise reduction button which enhances the sound clarity. I totally recommend this system, I was unsure about the quality for this price but I am totally happy I bought it.
  • M. Paul "Realnews" - Great gift for anyone who loves knowledge!These almanacs are probably the most useful book in anybodies house, there is so much information crammed into these pages that you can find at least something about everything from politics to sports to weather. It amazes me that I have to but one every few years for my dad because his start to fall apart from getting used so much to look up records or other data. I would recommend this gift for anyone that likes trivia or just likes to be amazed with little known facts.
  • AmazonLover - Happy customerA++ Seller. Why? Because I have some reasons.
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    This book is perfect for people who want to get CSWA, because at the end of the book there are a lot of example of the real test.