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  • Susan A. Sandberg "lady of letters" - yes it worksI'm not sure why this didn't work for so many...but it was amazing for me, it did exactly what the ad said it would. I had 5 ugly skin tags on the side and back of my neck,one was very big,the size and color of a pencil eraser. I applied it twice a day, morning and night, and I used my finger to apply it,the little brush didn't get enough on. I rubbed it firmly on, pressing hard going in circles. After two weeks they were shriveled and dried out, and by 4 weeks they all fell off, leaving a tiny pink dot, which soon disappeared. Worked GREAT for me! And actually it doesn't smell horrible, and it goes away in 30 minutes or so. I give it an A plus!
  • sleeve - The Pink Rights ShoeBesides loving the bodacious pink color, I was amazed to find that they are actually much more magical than a wand; even one with its own camera. For years I had been wanting to go to the doctor all by myself, and after donning these magical gems, it happened. After popping these pink pups up there in the stirrups, my Congressman's face turned gray, he dropped his ultra wand as he went running out of there; when usually that is his favorite part. It is truly amazing how Civil the Rights pair of Shoes can be.
  • Vikki Oldham-Smith - Great productThis is the easiest tax preparation product that I've used. It's very user friendly and walks you through your return step by step. I also like the fact that I can e-file 5 returns for one price. I wish they would throw in at least 1 free state e-filing. I hate to have to print out my state return & mail it in. Who wants to pay $19.95 to e-file the state?
  • Arlene Candelaresi - Help for Those with Intestinal ProblemsAnyone who has intestinal problems could read this book. My husband has had crones since he was 15. He is now 65. Often people in his situation are operated on ever 10 years. He has not had an operation since we found this book over 30 years ago. Also he was in pain for 20 years, before reading this book. It suggest a change in your life style, but you can eat in restaurants, at friends etc. You just have to test yourself and find out what you can't eat.
  • dSavannah George-Jones - Enchanting! Lovely! Well-written!I absolutely adored the subtitle to this book - "A Thrilling and Romantic Adventure, Incorporating Magic, Villainy, and a Cat" - and thankfully the story inside lived up to the promise of that title.

    "Wisdom's Kiss" is told from 8 different points of view, which sounds like it would be a disaster - how to keep the 8 from having the same voice? How to keep them from confusing the reader with who is speaking? How do you keep track of all the characters? How do you get the reader to care about the characters? But the author manages it all admirably. Even without the lovely & artistic headers / titles of the chapters, each voice is distinct and clear.

    The 8 POVs that focus on the main characters:

    1. an autobiography of Fortitude (also known as "Trudy") as told by her daughter - an orphaned kitchen maid
    2. the "Memoirs of the Master Swordsman Felis el Gato" - a man most taken with himself
    3. scenes from a play "Queen of All the Heavens" (by anonymous)
    4. "The Gentle Reflections of Her Most Noble Grace, Wilhelmina, Duchess of Farina" - quite the villian! - she wishes to take over the kingdom of Montagne by marrying her son Roger to one of its princesses
    5. Entries from the Imperial Encyclopedia of Lax (filled with nonsensical facts, most of which were wrong, but very amusing)
    6. letters from Tips to Trudy, his childhood friend
    7. letters from the Queen Mother of Montagne to her grand-daughter, the Queen
    8. Entries in "the Supremely Private Diary of Dizzy of Motagne" - probably my favorite character for her spunk and cunning

    Of course, there is some overlap in the telling of certain events, but this in no way hinders the story or the understanding of it - it simply adds humor to the book - the reader feels like they are 'in the know'.

    In the end, this is a fairy tale based on fairy tales, but it's a new way of telling it ~ and it's quite delightful.