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  • strangeitude - MAXIMUM FLOYDAlong with The Piper and Wish You Were Here, I consider Animals to be Pink Floyd's artistic peak. Of course there are other PF albums with excellent music (for this band, 'excellent' is an understatement), but Animals is where Waters' views and sarcasm excellent words and the music are in total match. Instead of The Wall, where we find lots of songs and lot of nonsense preachery, here the few songs are all magnum opus in musical development and 'poetic' and direct lyrics. Never before (with the exception of Time and Money from DSOTM) Pink Floyd lyrics were so direct and down to earth, making the band not another far out / dreamy experience, but 'thinking man's music' (for PF, another understatement).
    David Gilmour's guitar playing in Dogs is one of the best performances in rock history; Check also R Waters' bass in Pigs, unusual and funky; R Wright has also his showcase in all the songs, what would be of Floyd without its keyboards and sequencers?
    Try to find the bootlegs from the In The Flesh 1977 tour, they are even better!
  • Florence Weeble "Flo" - G.C. is an amazing supplementI only use products that I like, and that work well for me. Why bother with stuff that is less than what I expect? I have been amazed by garcinia cambogia. (Anyone considering the supplement should look it up and learn of its qualities). It curbs my appetite very efficiently. It's not like I want to starve myself, but I just want to eat with moderation and feel satisfied. Part of being able to curb the appetite is overcoming insulin resistance. I have had a problem with that in the past, but I am noticing the GARCINIA CAMBOGIA GOLD helps me quite a bit. I am no longer on prescribed medication and I feel fine. There is no need to pay exorbitant prices for this supplement when NutriGold's costs so little. My son paid over $30 for a bottle of 1000mg pills. I paid less than $10 for 500mg caps, and all I have to do to get the same dosage is take two capsules instead of one. Same effect, big savings.
  • Cynthia - My Rough Collie approves.I spent so much time looking for the right upright, I nearly had another birthday before I settled on this machine.

    I have a Rough Collie and two cats, so I have to be selective when it comes to vacuum cleaners. My Collie, who literally saved my life, and who is infinitely smarter and more helpful than my ex-husband, is an absolute joy, however, my Lassie Rerun does present a vacuuming problem: When she blows her coat, it's like watching a rerun of "Gremlins," when Billie accidentally got the Mogwais wet and all these huge softball-sized globs of fur literally popped out of them and flew across the room. But considering her other wonderful qualities, I cut her some Fur-Slack.

    Pre-Collie, I was always an Oreck fan, but the truth is, I burnt out my Oreck motor trying to pick up Collie fur because the brushes cannot be turned off and the fur just wrapped around and jammed them. And of course, you can't always tell your brushes are jammed till you see smoke. Lots of smoke. Lots and lots of smoke. My replacement Oreck met the same fate, so I knew five things:

    1) I had to give up on Oreck and

    2) I wasn't going to put up with the inconvenience of my canister vac for very long and

    3) I had to find another upright that was Collie-friendly and

    4) I had to buy a vacuum that didn't require me offering up my first born to purchase ludicrously expensive bags, and

    5) I wasn't going to buy a cleaner that felt like I was carrying four bowling balls up the stairs after using the very light Oreck.

    This brought me to the Shark Navigator. It's not as light as the Oreck, but still lighter than all those Hoovers. Besides, Hoover has the most awful customer service Evah! Believe me, I know this for a fact. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    So how does my Navigator work for me and my lovable and very hairy Collie? It's perfect! First, I was amazed at how much dirt and fur I DIDN'T pick up with my canister cleaner. I had to constantly empty the receptacle (which is incidentally too small) the first time I vacuumed all my rugs. So, the Navigator truly does suck in a good way. I like that I can turn the brush off for bare floors(or use it if I am so disposed). That's another thing. I was worried after reading reviews that mention how the Navigator blows everything around on bare floors. There are no carpets in my home as I despise them, so I have a sea of bare floors and area rugs.

    In truth, if you don't want any blowing around on bare floors at all, you have to use a canister, which I find a pain. In any event, I don't seem to have a problem on bare floors with this Navigator, I found it blows things around less than my Oreck did, but I tend to keep the handle kind of low, which makes a difference. I imagine if you are a very tall person, this would be a problem. I also love love love the long crevice tool as well as the pet hair tool. The Navigator is also rather quiet compared to other uprights I've owned, especially when the brush is turned off on bare floors. The bagless mess did take some getting used to for me, but at least I don't have to buy overpriced bags any longer. I always resented the ripoff.

    The only tool I regard as a bust is the small dustbrush unit, which should have been designed to at least a 45-degree angle or designed as a swivel. it's nearly impossible to use it on a horizontal surface because you have to fight with the hose to position it, the weight of the hose makes that difficult, and you can scratch things in the struggle. Not worth the effort. But hey, that's small compared to the advantage of the other tools.

    Overall, my Collie and I are very pleased with this machine, although it does tend to fall over when you are using the hose, even if you use the recommended "hook" to hold the hose in place --and since the unit is made of plastic, I am mindful of this and you should be too. Otherwise, if you have long-haired pets or multiple little four-legged friends cohabitating with you, the Navigator is going to make quick work of the sea of fur. And that's a good thing.

    I can't speak for the longevity of this machine yet, as I have only had it a month, but you can bet if it dies a too-early death, I will be revisiting this review to let you know.

    One more thing: I generally buy items such as this from Amazon if there is free shipping, but that wasn't the case here, so this time another favorite place beat them out at $149, with free shipping and no sales tax. It was an offer I couldn't refuse.
  • J. Wegner - Holy Moly!"That's not a knife ... THIS is a knife, mate!"

    When you look at the real thing, you'll be amazed.

    Hold it and you'll be entranced.

    If you love sharp objects, you NEED to have this knife. Or is it a tool? Or is it a hatched? Machete?

    Be careful though, this thing is sharp everywhere. When it is out of its sheath, no matter where you touch it, it can cut. I love it.

    One small gripe is that the unit I received has a hardened glass breaker (?) point poking out of the butt. This is of questionable use (you're going to carry this beast in the car with you!?!) and it can poke painfully into your side, while carrying the knife in its sheath, if you bend over to the knife side. Can't file it off because it is harder than file steel. May have to grind it away.

    All in all, this one is a keeper and a grand addition to the collection.


    I locked a pair of Vise Grips onto the stupid "glass breaker" point and twisted/pulled it right out of the handle. It isn't brazed in or anything. I highly recommend its removal.

    Still love the knife. I used it after Hurricane Ike, clearing and cutting up tree limbs down in our yard. Faster than a hatchet or limb saw because it is so sharp. Beat the hooha out of this critter and there are zero marks, nicks or blemishes on the blade. Good metallurgy, CRKT!
  • Ten Bosch - I don't know why it worksI don't know why this pillow works, but it does. I snore and had whiplash when my father-in-law bought it for me. I will not go as far as to say that it healed my whiplash, but I think it helped quite a bit. And my wife definitely enjoys my lack of snoring. She loved the pillow and would steal it from me every now and again, but then would suffer the snoring. She eventually stopped taking it from me, and I finally bought one for her. I don't know how or why it works, but I would highly recommend to anyone.