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  • Walt Boyes "Walt Boyes" - Good stuff! Roxio hits another one with Creator 2011If what you want is an all-in-one way to manage your multimedia, produce multimedia, make DVDs and home video, or learn to do these things before you graduate to pro stuff, this is one of the best "amateur" packages for the PC I've found. I liked it. The interface and the HMI are easy to use, and easy to LEARN to use, too. This is important in powerful, feature-filled software (which this is) because sometimes software, once you take months to learn it, is very easy to use, but hard to learn. Sometimes software is very easy to use, but has no advanced capabilities.

    Roxio Creator is a worthy inheritor in a long line of Roxio Multimedia software packages that go back many years now.

    Creator 2011 is well worth adding to your PC-- or upgrading from an earlier Roxio incarnation.
  • Lauren Marie - I found a fix for the taste!!honestly, this product is amazing. It's the answer to a quick meal for those of us who are genuinely interested in treating our bodies with the utmost respect (not just popping pills and drinking a fake sugar-laden whey or soy based protein drink). It does, however, literally taste like vomit (i'm not saying it tastes bad, it LITERALLY tastes like vomit). HOWEVER, mix the 2 scoop serving with water (i do recommend using a little more than 16 oz as it has a sludge-like texture) and 1 packet of crystal light PURE (NOT the regular 5 calories crystal light, the PURE one which contains no artificial sweeteners, preservatives, etc but has more calories). It literally masks the ENTIRE bad flavor of the powder ... doesn't fix the texture so much but i'm actually a fan of it anyhow.

    hope this helps people make a decision who are on the fence and helps people adapt if they're forcing the meal down now :-).