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Country: Europe, DE, Germany

  • C. Gardner "SgtCheeseNOLS" - I love it!I loved this product so much that I bought one for my father. I love the fact that I can make any type of carbonated beverage whenever I have the craving. Out of all the sample flavors that came with it, I was happy with all of them. Root Beer tastes just like Barqs, Dr. Pete is very similar to Dr. Pepper, and Coke tastes very similar to coke. All in all, I am very pleased with the flavor imitations and think this product will be great.

    My only concern is finding a cheap way to replenish the CO2 canister...and that is a road I will go down once it runs out. I'll update this review once I run out of CO2...
  • Jeff N - My FAVORITE BREAKFAST!!! The BEST Meal Replacement Powder I have EVER tried!!!OK. The Taste is not so great. But I ALWAYS FEEL FANTASTIC after having one scoop of this amazing
    stuff in a glass of WATER (which saves money on almond milk) and it helps me not crave junk food later.

    I have tried several, and this really is the very best Meal Replacement Powder I have EVER tried.
    Some don't make me feel so great. Some give me gas. This one is PERFECT!!

    And look at the number of amazingly healthful ingredients!!

    I LOVE this product!!

    Whatever brand of supplements you get, always remember that any company that makes anything with dL-alpha tocpheryl Vitamin E could be making all their vitamins synthetically, and synthetic vitamins simply do not do anyone any good. The body doesn't utilize them, and they don't help anything. Just remember that Supplements sold by Health Food Stores and sites like the Vit. Shoppe are probably made from actual food sources, and Supplements sold in Pharmacies and Drug Stores are probably made synthetically.

    Also remember: Large companies that make products from chemicals have a lot to lose if people start using products made from food sources that are IN-expensive have NO Harmful Side Effects and Really Work Very Well!! So, reps from those companies often post reviews with a lot of untrue information. When you see a radically negative review on a Natural Remedy made by a Good company, always check that reviewers' other reviews. If they have only posted one or two reviews, they could work for a company that makes synthetic products. If they have posted lots of reviews on different products, then they could be legit.

    I have been studying natural remedies since I was about 19 in 1979, and I can tell you with absolute certainty that nearly any health condition can be totally improved with a simple change of diet and/or natural supplements, herbs, and other natural remedies. And these natural remedies have absolutely no harmful side effects 99% of the time. I have had several successes with it myself, seen dramatic improvements for others, and have heard many reliable stories over the past few decades.
  • Betty Fiorillo - Harvest of RubiesHarvest of Rubies was a book that was interesting from the beginning to end. The characters in the story became real and most were endearing. Sometimes you didn't know if to laugh or cry. A little mystery was also included and added to the story. I can't wait to read the next book which follows this one.
  • D. Burkhart - Great value for average golferI returned to playing golf after 35 years. I have used this set for the past 3 months, playing 3 to 4 times per week. These clubs make golf much more fun than I remember. Although I'm not nearly as strong as I used to be, these clubs are really easy to handle. The driver and 3 woods are light and easy to control. The irons feel heavy, but solid in a good way. The putter is large and very sturdy. Unfortunately, it still has three puts per green in it like my old putter. I guess that might be more my problem than the putter's. Great lightweight bag. The clubs arrived in two days and were ready to play. I purchased in April and thought it was a great deal, $200 w/free shipping. A great choice for recreational golfer.