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  • J. W. Carter - Classic Progressive Rock at its BestEveryone knows about "The Wall", as the #3 best selling album of all time it certainly deserves its place.This album is a somewhat introspective journey through the psyche of the worn out rocker, "Pink". The loss of his father in WW2 before he ever really knew him, his overbearing mother, the loss of his wife to another man, the drugs, and the "too much too soon" situation he is in all compound into figurative "wall" that shields the real him from outside influences, and keeps the real him from being seen. Inside this wall, he loses his sanity one step at a time, until finally he retreats into a fantasy world where an imaginary "judge" finds him guilty of showing feelings, and sentences him to "be exposed" by all his peers. But on the outside of this wall things are very different. Pink becomes something of a "nazi", in that he's extremely prejudiced and takes advantage of his fans. He becomes exactly what his father fought against, and it is after this that the trial begins in his fantasy world.The album climaxes with the wall falling down and Pink being exposed as the scared, scarred, and confused man he really is.While this album isn't Pink Floyd's best work, it is their most mainstream and best selling one. It is a definite must for any Floyd fan, and a great starting point for those just getting into it. Do yourself a favor, buy this one today.
  • Michele C. Stradley - head gets hot at night, you need thisI asked for one of these last year for Christmas, as the medicine I takemakes me hot and have a hard time sleeping. This really helps. Then I was telling my family about how well it works, well and now my daughter, son, and grandson all have one too.
  • BelNus - Breaking the Vicious CycleWe got this book from the library along with several other books on the subject. The other books were slicker, more professional looking, so we left this one for last to look through. It reviewed several medical problems that did not concern us, but when we got to the general description of how the digestive process works and what can go wrong with simple what to do about it suggestions and recipes - well, then we found we could not do without this book and had to buy it. We use is regularly now. By the way, we too are more regular.
  • ACEDETECTIVE - essential reading for the keen marinerSince buying this book, I haven't looked back.
    My life has changed hopefully for the better. As a long-term (18yrs) apprentice deck officer with Cunard, I quite often found myself bumping into large ships, and lets face it they're the ones you really need to avoid. I also had warts and haemmeraoids which have since cleared up.

    I cannot thank amazon enough...
  • Ashley Dohmann - Very InformativeI have found Emily Oster's book very well written, interesting, and informative. She has obviously done a lot of careful research, and has done a good job of objectively laying out the facts and options without offering a definitive opinion on most topics. Her whole point is to encourage expectant mothers to make informed, data-driven decisions, rather than relying on old wives tales or unsupported recommendations that limit women unnecessarily.

    Those who say that she is offering medical advice despite the fact that she is an economist rather than a medical professional have CLEARLY not read the book. She is an expert in her field, and that involves data-driven decision making, which is the topic explored in this book.