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  • SCDEAN - Great informationBought this book before our trip to Rome and so glad I did. It helped me and my husband in choosing things that were worth spending our limited time on and things we should just skip this trip. It is a great reference book and when we returned home it was great to read about the places we did visit.
  • Chris - It works.I've dealt with the 1-2x per year cold sore for years now. They're awful, but you probably already know that if you're reading this. I admit I haven't tried a lot of cures because the only thing I'd heard of that really works is prescription medication and I never remember to ask my doctor. Fast forward to last weekend when I felt a cold sore coming on. I don't get the tingling sensation everyone talks about, I just end up with soreness on my lip and that's the sign that something's wrong. By that time I know I'm hours hours away from dealing with the full symptoms. Well I did some quick research on Amazon this time and found out about Abreva and I picked it up at Wal-Mart - a bit more expensive than Amazon, but I had it in 20 minutes. I proceeded to apply it every one to two hours the first day. I was pleased to find that by the next morning the usual symptoms - blistering, scabbing, etc - had been largely avoided. I applied several times the second day. By this morning (third day), I was just left with some discomfort from where the broken skin was already healing, but it never became a full-blown cold sore. Instead of two weeks of being self-conscious and in serious discomfort, I just had a day or two of minor discomfort. Totally worth it. The packaging and most reviews will tell you to apply this as soon as you know a cold sore is forming, which I agree with. I'm not sure how the effectiveness is reduced by waiting too long and I have no intention of finding out! Anyway, give it a try.
  • Carrera356 - Works as advertised!This is a great tool for DIY projects involving aerosol cans. I've used it with Plasti Dip, wheel paint, adhesive remover, nite shades, primer, spray paint, adhesion promoter, etc. All of my projects benefited from my use of this handy tool because it allows you to control the flow and spread even coats easily and effectively with precision. A great product, especially for the price.
  • N. Fincher - Wonderful Kitchen AdditionFinally I have an indoor cooking surface that allows me to fry foods to perfection. Neither my old electric range nor my current gas range provided me with an eye capable of maintaining a high, constant temperature needed to pan fry my favorites like squash, eggplant, green tomatoes, etc. The NuWave PIC does! No more greasy, soggy summer veggies for me. Easy to clean. Easy to store. Easy to use. Found mine at a price that was easy on the wallet. The NuWave PIC lived up to my expectations.
  • Mary A. Rose - One of the Best of all Time Wen Scents and Formulas; wish they had all year.This was a summer WEN scent and formula that I found to be not only long lasting, thick and creamy, but one of the best, if not the best, of all WEN formulas I have tried. Ranks up there with SixThirteen. Absolutely love this one. Wish they had it every summer. And I am a long time WEN user.