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  • Cyndi M "22irishlass" - Just what I needed!I save recipes that I find on-line and I print them out and put them in binders for future use...I hate having to try to remember what site certain recipes are on and then having to go back into the site and trying to find it. Well, my 1 inch binder was filled to exploding so I got this and a pack of 100 sheet protectors and everything is now organized and not so jam packed anymore. The binder is heavy duty and has pockets front and back inside. It also has a full clear pocket in front and back and along the rib so you can put a label to indicate what the binder has in it. Mine simply says "Recipes" but other I have purchased (for my husband) have owners manuals and parts lists for mowers, snow equipment, motorcycles, etc. A great way to organize mens' messes!
  • Moppy - Pharmaceutical Word BookI am a medical transcriptionist and this is an invaluable tool for me. I live in a small rural community and our transcription department was only given access to the internet about a year ago. Even so, I can find medications much quicker with this book than looking for them online, and I use the book more often than not. It is very easy to find what I need with this book. I always order one for myself, but the entire department uses it. It's a GREAT book! Love it.
  • Ralph - Fat Metabolism Diet Book ReviewI found this book to be easily understandable, well-written and covered the subject completely, so it was easy to use. I chose to develop my own plan from the directions provided and after one week, I have lost 6 pounds. The amount of food that you eat is very generous, and I feel that I have experienced the digestive changes mentioned in the book, so I have confidence it will work, if followed. Easiest plan I have ever tried.
  • T 1H1 E O N E - Just give some time to get used to itAll those who are used to be PES fans might see this game to be wearied at the beginning. The game playing is totally different than the old school PES game but, in my opinion, in a better way. I agree that it might have become more difficult to play, but this, i believe, increases the challenge the game provides.
  • A. Leonard - I will stick with this one!I ordered this system off of an infomercial. Usually I end up regretting those purchases. However, this is one that I am so happy that I made! The bar is very sturdy and folds compactly to store under my bed. It was also a breeze to set up! I have sciatica and I have no problems getting this out from underneath my bed every morning and storing it there again after my workout.
    As for the workout, I found the beginner to be just a tad too easy for me. I did the beginner segment the first night. It wasn't hard at all. I did break a sweat, but just lightly. The following morning I did the intermediate workout and realized that none of the movements are strenuous. Then I realized...that's the beauty of the program! And to my surprise, I was so sore the next two days so it definitely does work!
    This workout was definitely refreshing. I cannot stand a workout that has you jumping around and putting unnecessary stress on your joints. It seems like a lot of money, but having this system and seeing results to me is worth it. I dont have to go to the gym. This addresses all my needs and keepsme at home!