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  • mary s - This is PERFECT for rural pet ownersI have a cat who doesn't just wander off occasionally...he wanders off every single time I let him out. And he likes to pick fights...and he's a terrible fighter...so any time he is left out after dark he comes home with his face battered and cut up. I try to get him in before dark but, until now, the only way I had to do that was to stand on the patio and call him, which wasn't working. I tried the Pet Loc8tor device but it didn't have enough range for me because I live in a rural wooded area. But the Tagg Pet Tracker works like magic. It does have a monthly subscription fee, but for me, it is well worth the $6.93/month (discount from $7.95 for purchasing on an annual basis) for the peace of mind. It arrived yesterday and I set up the account - which has to be done on a computer, not on a smartphone - and charged it up last night. Today I put it on the cat's collar and let him outside. All day it tracked him, and I could see right where he was by going to the Tagg website, and by text messages that Tagg sent showing what street address he was closest to at any given time. I could call up the last text and send "locate" and it would update his location within minutes. This device is a true Godsend for me and my kitty, and will prolong his life because it will enable me to stop him from being out at night when he likes to get beat up. I cannot say enough about it. And, by the way, whatever customer service problems Tagg had that caused several reviewers to have trouble have not been apparent to me. In fact, I have used the Live Chat assistance and called on the phone, and both times I was immediately connected to a very helpful person. Also, my cat weighs 12 pounds and this device is a little bulky but it didn't pose a problem, and the kit I bought from Amazon came with a padded cloth cover included for the device, which I saw sold separately for $17.95 and I think it made the device more comfortable for the cat.
  • R. Harvey - Huge help!I am a 25 year old grad student and I never thought I'd have back problems, but sitting nonstop with poor posture for a year straight gave me pretty unbearable low back pain. It got to the point that I had to lie on the floor in my office to assuage the pain. I went to the doctor and had x-rays...nothing. I went to the physical therapist and they told me to "tilt my pelvis" to get rid of the tension. Nothing worked.

    Then I got this book! It has resulted in a huge improvement, both in my posture and lessening my pain. I can now sit all day with very little pain and I am only on lesson 5. I was a bit skeptical but it's been very helpful. The only thing is that sometimes it's difficult to tell when you are doing everything correctly, but she does all she can in book form to give you examples, pictures, and possible problems you may have.

    Overall very helpful and I hope that over the years this will keep me in a healthy posture to stave off future problems! Highly recommend if you have back pain and other therapies have not worked.
  • editortr "TomR" - Worthwhile improvementAs a long time Quicken user, I really appreciate a stable and hard working software package. Quicken fit the bill with one exception: as monitors went from CRT to LCD to LED and a wide angle format with higher resolutions, Quicken screens became ever more difficult to read. I tried the MS magnifier, changed resolutions and even employed a magnifying glass. They all helped me read the Quicken screens but since I work with several applications at the same time, the others suffered.

    It wasn't just my eyesight; I've been working on that for a couple of years and after treatment, I now see better than I did as a teenager. I still couldn't read the Quicken screens on my 22" monitor.

    Quicken 2012 resolved the issue for me with the option to change to a larger font. The details and reviews on Amazon caught my attention. It is a simple check mark on the View Menu to go from unreadable to just right for me. Technology advances are great but sometimes the simple changes based on common sense are the most welcome. Thanks to Amazon and Quicken.
  • Jeff Freeland "rusticated anthropologist" - A stochoclastic tour de forceAlthough cloaked in the mundane, once one realizes that the language is english and unfocuses ones consciousness... voila! It IS Shakespeare, and it WAS written by Kevin Bacon. Still, can't help but wonder why Nostradumus and Edgar Cayce keep croppng up.

    Anyhow, if you're only going to have one book this has gotta be it. Every time you read it is just as fascinating as the first.
  • Rob J - Excellent ProductI had a previous Crucial HD 120gig SSD that I bought almost 2 years ago. There is concern on how long the drives will last - this 120gig had been working great and still does. I needed an increase of space for my computer so I bought the 240gig SSD. Solid quick install. I my computer for graphic processing and designing, I also run windows XP in my windows 7 environment with oracle virtualbox. I could install Windows 7 updates while installing Windows XP and anything else that i needed to install without any lag time. Upon boot - it's fast, doesn't lock up and I have the speed when I need it. I built my computer few years back E8500 E0 stepping 3.16ghz OC'd to 3.8ghz. Stable, motherboard is great as well, GTX 570 graphics card. This thing is a beast! The SSD from crucial was the icing on the cake to make it perform the way it needed to. I tried platter drivers in RAID 0 - until I had a fault and lost everything! That wasn't as fast as the single SSD!