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Country: North America, US, United States

City: 77092 Houston, Texas

  • Sarah - exactly what I ordered, so happy with itThe color is not quite as bright as I expected but I still like the color.
    The package contained all 3 things listed, and I am happy with the case and keyboard cover, but I am just a little upset that the screen protector sheet had this little sticker tab attached in the corner for application, and it didn't come all the way off after I applied the screen protector! there is residual paper and adhesive....
    Otherwise, I got everything I paid for (for a great price) and I am pleased.
  • lminaglia - severe acne can be resolved qith thus product!!!!I have tried for years... literally since I was 13 years d ( I'm 26) and I have tried everything from Accutane to 300 dollar acne solutions and nothing has consistently done as well for my skin than Exposed Skincare. I have used this peoduct for just about 2 years. With all the great tips and inside of how to continuously keep your pores clean and keep your acne away and there is nothing in this moment in time that does the job like exposed skin care! I promise you will not regret the choice of getting this product.
  • Jennifer A. Vaughn - EXCELLENT AND POWERFUL!!!I just finished this in a bible study group with my co-workers and it was incredible! The lies that Satan want us to believe to keep us in bondage is everywhere. This book will lead you to the TRUTH of what God's word says to overcome what Satan has planted in you. I recommend this book to every woman who wants to become all she can be through Christ.