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  • Rule 62 Ken - Excellent Even-handed Chronicle of Obama v. RomneyReaders who are wishing for an unbiased, non-slanted retelling of the story of the 2012 US Presidential election will find what they wish for in Dan Balz' fair and thorough offering Collision 2012: Obama vs. Romney and the Future of Elections in America. The book is broken into three sections entitled The Pivot, The Republicans and The Choice. Two things are especially delightful about this book: (1) The author gets much of the story straight from the horses' mouths. Most of the candidates for the GOP nomination and many who decided not to run meet with the author for extensive interviews and many of the conclusions that Balz comes to are ones that the subjects of his book do not take issue with. An entire chapter near the end of the book is devoted to a post-election interview that the author has at Mitt Romney's home and it is quite insightful in itself. (2) The author refrains from making political judgements that conclude that any party or candidate is good or bad. He is very respectful of all of the candidates, in the style of a Walter Cronkite or some other iconic plugged-in professional. That's not to suggest that he doesn't make any judgements, quite the contrary. Balz is quick to criticize many of the strategies employed by both campaigns and is fair in his criticism. This is best shown by the fact that the candidates and campaign staff that he interviews do not take exception to any of his characterizations. He is also quick to explain many of the perplexing decisions facing the candidates and their campaigns, giving the reader an understanding of why they did what they did or didn't do.

    The section on the race for the Republican nomination is especially interesting. Balz spends a chapter on almost every candidate who was leading the race at one time, and provides a well-reasoned analysis of why each of their campaigns rose and fell. In his interview with Romney he asks many of the tough questions and in doing so, provides an excellent example of how a journalist can ask probing questions, while remaining respectful and objective.

    For those of us who were hoping for an even-handed, professional, objective and unbiased history of the 2012 election, but thought such a creature to be mythical, prepare to be pleasantly surprised. This is an excellent book for the political junkie, for historians, and for all who still believe that political differences can be looked at without emotional rancor. It will be hard to top this book to find a better chronicle of the 2012 election.
  • Brian - Good book if you want to start self-prescribed therapy. But beware of fluff.First the good news. I call this a very good book. And if you have decided to self-prescribe and self-administer the therapy as outlined in the book instead of using conventional medicine then my best wishes for good health and luck go with you. Many have reported good to very good results with this therapy and I wish the best for you.

    Now the bad news. It takes 75 pages to get to how you're supposed to use the darn stuff. The first 75 pages are not really pure fluff only about 90%. Stuff like how medical science has been corrupted by Big Pharmaceuticals. OK. How medical studies are biased. Yeah, OK. How perfectly good treatments are heavily suppressed. Yes, yes. Enough Already! Skip to page 76.

    But seriously, like all chemical substances (including pharmaceuticals) you need to use it with eyes open and armed with a full knowledge of the dangers involved. No substance is "safe" not even food (food poisoning seems to be rampant) so you cannot assume anything. H2O2 is used in scary stuff from industrial cleaners to rocket fuel and in "safe" stuff like toothpaste and mouthwash. The difference in "safeness" comes from the strength (concentration or dilution) and from additives (like stabilizers which can be very toxic in themselves). For human consumption the book recommends only food-grade H2O2 and very dilute solution with distilled water.

    Another good feature of the book is that it warns you of several big-business "conspiracies" (my word not the author's): (1)Big Medicine that seeks not to cure you but to expensively treat your condition...forever! (2)Big Nutrition that promises a better, happier life and good health if you'll just buy their expensive "miracle" nuts, berries and whatnot. (3)Big...uh..treatments! (I can't use the "C" word or Amazon's robots will kill my review) Some ancient knowledge..long forgotten..or suppressed by Big Medicine (see item 1) which they will expensively sell you.
    I would add my own type of conspiracy (4)Big Books. Based on "research" which is a code-word for looking around on the internet. Often the earth-shaking statements in these books are made by "doctors" whose credentials are from non-accredited organizations.

    Bottom Line: No Guarantees! Use at your own risk! Best of luck to you.

    I'm starting the therapy now for myself because of the many positive results. I'll keep you posted.

    Oh...how do I know all this stuff? I'm a scientist myself. Graduate level from an accredited university.
  • TEXASSUSAN - For Every WomanRepHresh provides a balanced PH without the use of Estrogen. It feels like a woman's natural lubrication and feels and smells wonderful. It was ok'd by my doctor for use after extensive surgery. There are no con(s), only pro(s) and that is highly unusual. After 9 months usage, I will remain a Rephresh customer......