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  • Derek, Toronto - Excellent, no filler or lag in the storyThis book is very good, the story itself goes well beyond the moon. What I enjoy most about the book is the pace.
    There is little if any filler and the book moves on.
    What I mean is if the book states something is to be done in a week, this occurs within a page, not a chapter as with some books. This makes one want to read every word instead of skimming to get to the next stage.

    The story, well it's excellent, you just have to read the book.
  • Carey B - I love this product!!Lipozene works! I have never tried a diet pill before because of all the bad reviews on them but I finally broke down last week and bought Lipozene. I use it like it's my religion, 2 pills 3 times a day, 30 mins before meal time and I have lost 14lbs in 1 week!!! If you want to see results like mine you still need to watch what you eat, be healthy and exercise.
  • Rodger - Works for meI kind of get the idea that different probiotic products work differently for people. Well this one works for me at least. I've be using it for more than a 2 months now and I can report that I am very pleased with the results. The capsule is easy to take and seems to calm any digestive problems. I highly recommend you try it if your looking for a probiotic.
  • Mark J. Renna - Hate the forced upgrade from 2008 but pleased with 2011I have used quicken since it was in DOS. So a long time. Every 3 years they force me to upgrade and that sux. Can you say greedy and money hungry? Problem is Quicken is the only real game in town. MS Money is gone and the small software shops try but can't compete IMHO.

    So I read all these reviews and was a bit scared but every 3 years I read how Quicken is lousy. And I somewhat agree from their greedy tactics. 2011 looks and works just fine, just like 2008 did. And that to me is the problem, 2008 worked just fine so why do I have to pay more for the same exact program that does the same exact thing with nothing new? Greedy Intuit. That is the whole reason.

    All I can say is that if you were scared to go from a prior version to 2011 there is a lot of over blown hype. But I know why and the anger and resentment toward Intuit is warranted.

    Go ahead and upgrade since you don't have a choice. Everything will be just like it was but you may need to take 10 minutes and fiddle with it. Literally 10 minutes.
  • Phyllis A. Wilcoxen - Fact filled informationThis book is filled with information that everyone needs to know. I had read about this several years ago, but did not pursue it. Thanks to Madison Cavanaugh the info is available at a price we can afford.
    I have followed thru and ordered the product and am looking forward to great results.