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  • J Kee - QB ProAdvisor - Quickbooks Premier 2013 *NEW & IMPROVED*QuickBooks Premier Industry Editions 2013 [Download]*Streamlined navigation including the customizable left toolbar
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  • TE - Very effective & very trueI read this book and I am about half-way through the recommended treatment process with food-grade peroxide and I have been detoxing a lot, for me - I am a pretty healthy person overall. My fiance is doing it with me and is experiencing the same. We would most certainly recommend this book and the procedure covered therein for anyone who wants to experience overall better health and prevent future problems as well as those who are currently experiencing non-optimum physical conditions they have been trying to treat with conventional medicine to no avail. Just one word of advice - ACTUALLY READ THE WHOLE BOOK! If you don't read the whole book, you will not understand the theory as to why this works and you may make mistakes in doing the treatment or may give up on it as "not having worked" simply because you may not have understood some aspect. We also recommend having a teammate to do it with you, whether a spouse, best friend or family member - you have to take the peroxide at certain times, 3 times a day, so having someone to push you through as well as being responsible for someone else helps for sure. Overall, we MOST CERTAINLY recommend getting the book and DOING the treatment.
  • Smokey888x2 - AwokeMe ... the book blasted off the pages to meIf your not Catholic, understand that Medjugorje is church neutral. The Catholic Church neither denies it or affirms it. I'm Catholic and I had read many of those words from Medjugorje over the years. While I admired the story, I probably believed the story as I had followed Fatima when I was younger; but I had read many of the Medjugorje announcements and they had just gone over my head or they didn't mean much. I just never knew what to think about it. Then I read the first 30 or so pages of TFtFS2012 - WOW. Those words of Mary arose from the dead and covered me with their truths. It was both revealing and scary too. What a well written book.

    Please, if you haven't yet, get this book. You will want many of your friends to have it as well.

    That's just the first 30 pages. Oh, I almost forgot; if you have never heard of Medjugorje or don't know a lot about it. Go ahead and order the book (DO!) but while it's coming to you, go and read some of the messages from Medjugorje prior to reading book. Maybe you know a Catholic priest or person who could help you get some insight to it first. Just reading some of the messages and history would help a bit. Understand, I believe Rwanda(sp?) was noted from Medjugorje before it happened. But read some of them from the internet prior to reading this book if you can.

    This book is not all spiritual, much of it addresses 'today' and our political world and most of all, country. This book affects YOU, addresses YOU, your family and your children in a profound way, in a 'real way' .... not just some book about hope and change but ties in the gift of the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and YOUR everyday experience. Especially, in the very near future. It's not an opinion book either, it supplies the facts. This book is very important, you will not want to put it down. Please do what I suggest here. I have only commented on one other book here in my life and this one is very important. Please trust me, get this book, look up some of those messages/history and move on this for it's great understanding and insight. Thanks.
  • K. Nolting "Film Fan" - Wonderful Book By Leonard Maltin !The Movie Guide is always interesting ! With reviews you can look up any important film released in the U.S.A. With the internet, IMDB is good,but with this book it still is nice to have at your fingertips information as to actors, directors, running time, black and white or color, and trivia like first appearances by actors at the beginning of their film careers. I have bought this since his first edition in 1969.
  • Ed Luhrs - First the 900, Now ThisI wrote about this phone on one of my blogs, but let me add some words here, since I reviewed the 900 months ago. First, the 920 fits fine in a jean or pants pocket. It is not too heavy or big. It is sturdy. My friend got the 928, which is lighter and looks nice. Another friend is getting the 1020. I almost guarantee I'll never meet anyone with a 925, though it is gorgeous. All these models are Nokia and all great. All in all the 920 really feels like a 900 with a much nicer screen and camera. The camera and video both live up to the hype. The DEDICATED CAMERA BUTTON is one of the things that make Windows Phone great. I'm just writing this for those combing through online opinions before making a decision. You should be commended. Most people let phone salesman rope them into getting a Samsung. Android is great. I'm not taking sides here. All I am saying is if you are reading reviews, take the next step. Get someone to show you a plugged in model at a store. Use the info you've gained from research and start poking at buttons. Take it from there. Whatever you do, tell the phone salesman to walk away if they begin to annoy you. So often it is that they know very little, yet have so much to say.

    I should probably say a few more things about why I give the 920 five stars. The main reason is Nokia. I dig the design language of Windows Phone immensely, but it is quirky and still has faults and little inconveniences. I knew that and decided 100% to stick with it. More reasons: Office/Skydrive integration (I use this all the time for my work at a community college and for poetry readings); really nice map/HERE Drive+ GPS integration (even easier if you download a shortcut to the vanilla Bing map interface in the Store); great battery life once you tweak settings; smooth running efficient OS; live tiles and calendar are cool; once again, DEDICATED CAMERA BUTTON; pretty tile colors... listen, I just like the thing. I'll stop, but just one more point - the way Bing, maps, local search, audio search, barcode search, and song search are all integrated is astounding. You can even use the camera to translate things. If you get the phone, learn how to do all that stuff.