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  • M. Hogan - Go Ahead, Dive In

    This was an entertaining read. It had all the good qualities of a mystery, of the learning experiences in a new country, and of how we can change to match our circumstances. While reading this, I was transported to another time and country. Cathleen Tessaro's descriptions of characters and settings were so good that I felt that I was part of the action in the story. I thoroughly recommend this book.

  • Karen Vilchis - <3 it

    it has every drug known to mankind. love it. easy to access. and love the nursing interventions. =) tells you every possible route, interventions, mechanisms of action. its straight forward. recommend this book. unless a new edition comes out. but otherwise AWESOME!

  • Lisa Childs Harris "the learner" - EVERY DAY I THANK MY LUCKY STARS FOR THIS VACUUM

    I will just add to the other reviews that I am beyond pleased, happy, thrilled, with this vacuum! I live in a very crowded, little house, and this vacuum works around so easily! It is light, fast, easy to keep cleaned out and amazing! I have pets, and this works. I have had it over a year now, and every time I use it, I thank myself for buying it. You won't be disappointed. I bought a hoover windtunnel and returned it after using it one time. I thought, is there not a vacuum that is light, quiet, easy, and can fit in tight spaces??? Yes! The Shark!

    On a side note, a friend has a hand-held Shark vacuum, and it is amazing too.