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Country: North America, PA, Panama

City: Plaza, Provincia de Veraguas

  • Belle Kudrna - AMAZING LATTE MACHINE! Sorry Starbucks :(I love this coffee maker! It makes great tasting latte's. If you are a latte purist you may not like that the coffee drips through the foam on the milk and turns the foam color to an off-white versus the pure white you get when you foam the milk separately. You can do that with this machine but it will take longer since you will need to make the latte in two steps. I am soooo happy with this machine I have stopped making my daily visits to Starbucks. I did purchase the gold filter as well. The machine comes with around 5 paper filters but not a gold permanent filter. My only wish is that they made it in white or gray.
  • Tracey "TABS" - Excellent toy for little tikes jealous of older sibling's iPad.our best holiday purchase last year! It has been a big hit with our 4-yr old and this year's holiday gifts will be additional games for the LeapPad. This tablet can handle falls out of the parked car and off tables, and still work (no cracks in the screen either). A very durable option for the younger crowd.