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Standard drugs and drug standards - Presentation - DRUGS is a scientific programme of the the European Science Foundation (Standing Committee for the Humanities). It aims the analysis of processes of standardization in the development, regulation, marketing, and use of modern pharmaceuticals.


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  • kristinasparkles16 "KLS" - An Amazing journey!Voyager shows us the journey of Jamie and Claire after their heartbreaking separation at the end of Dragonfly in Amber. What occurred during those twenty years? This novel jumps form 18th century Scotland with Jamie and current 1968 with Claire. Both are struggling to live without each other. This novel is really interesting because for the first time we have Jamie's point of view which I really enjoyed. I loved their reunion! It was so good and touching that I've read that part of the novel at least three times!

    I didn't like the fact that Jamie and Claire were separated for so long. However, I think it adds to their character development because it was interesting to see them get to know each other again. I think Voyager is a better read than the second novel because we see both Jamie's and Claire's point of view. Plus, it was a little more interesting than the second novel in my opinion. Voyager is definitely worth the read if you've loved the series so far! I'm excited to continue on their journey!
  • Carla D. Cooper - wonderful! Repeat customerI have been wearing this make-up line since Nov. 07 and won't switch to anything else. At one point I waited too long to purchase another foundation and in desperation I ran out to the local drug store and purchased "mineral" make-up. The quality of the store bought make-up can not compare to Bare Minerals, HANDS DOWN! The other cheaper stuff smelled heavily of talcum powder, and by far did not provide the coverage I was used to with Bare Minerals.
    I used to be self conscious about my makeup all day, checking on it several times a day and worried that it had smeared off on my shirt. This make-up is worry free. I put it on in the morning, and don't worry about it all day. Plus, I have never had trouble with it rubbing off on to something else or feeling heavy. I highly reccommend this makeup. I have oily skin, and it works great.
    One key to remember is to apply moisturizer prior to the make-up, and you're all set~!