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  • Torax - Worth Every PennyI am very pleased with the DC44. The best thing about it is that it is easy and comfortable to use. I never had a problem using a corded vacuum in the past, but I would have to find a chunk of time large enough to actually pull it out of the closet and plug it in. I would always sweep my stairs in the past because I found that to be much faster and more effective than lugging my full sized vacuum up each step. With the DC44, I find myself looking for places to use it nearly every day. It is ultra convenient. Here is a list of the DC44's strong suits:

    1) The DC44 has more than enough power for wood and other smooth surfaced floors, and low pile carpets and rugs. Even without the "Max" setting engaged, I am always quite pleased with the amount of dirt and dog hair that accumulates in the dirt holder thingy. The only time I find it necessary to use the "Max" setting is if I am trying to get fine dirt or sand out of a rug.

    2) The DC44's battery lasts plenty long. I live in a 2100f ft^2 home with wood and tile throughout (covered with rugs in some places), and I can get through nearly all of it on normal mode before the battery will expire. Using the "Max" mode will definitely use up the battery faster.

    3) It's very quiet.

    4) It is balanced well which makes it easy and comfortable to use.

    5) The beater bar can easily be removed for cleaning.

    6) The dirt collection chamber is easy to clean so long as you are mindful of the "full" line on the chamber and are careful not to exceed its capacity.

    7) The battery is removable and replaceable.

    There are a few things that I would change if I were building the DC44:

    1) The mostly plastic build feels a little bit flimsy. For the price, I would expect some more rigid plastic or more aluminium.

    2) The electrical cord that feeds into the base can come loose and result in the vacuum not charging when docked. I didn't think of this and thought there was a problem with the vacuum after letting it sit on the dock for a week while away from home. I made the incorrect assumption that there was a problem with the adapter and called Dyson's customer service number to get it replaced. It turned out that the plug was just loose and was thus making a poor connection with the vacuum. I just have to make sure the plug is securely connected every time I return the vacuum to its base. Annoying for the price, but I can deal with that. On the bright side, I learned that Dyson's customer support line is staffed by actual humans who answer the phone right away and are quite helpful!

    Again - very pleased with the DC44 and would recommend it to anyone with wood (or other solid type) floors or low pile carpet. Very easy to use and well designed, albeit the build quality is not what I would like to see from such an expensive machine.
  • KK - Excellent tool for studentsThe Top 300 cards are an excellent learning tool, especially for entry level pharmacy ( and medical students). Other data bases may be a bit overwhelming. The Top 300 cards provide a concise and organized synopsis of the basics. Also, the picture is very helpful for students to visualize the product which is extremely helpful in the learning process.
  • J. Muri "jmuri" - Depression Never Sounded So GoodThis is truly a rock opera masterpiece. Waters has reached his apex with this album. Although, I think a warning is in order here for newer Floyd fans, this is not Dark Side of the Moon; if you are even remotely suicidal, this is not for you. If exploring the dark side of humanity and emotion is not a problem for you, then I think you will find new nuances in this every time you listen to it and a rewarding musical piece.