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  • SRKASM "Ken" - Good seriesI'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. So far there has not really been much in the way of powerful superheroes but that's to be expected. This is from the viewpoint of humans living in a changing world...although, humans that have the capacity to make changes in the world.

    I think it would be interesting to see a series from the viewpoint of people who are trying to live their daily lives in that world.
  • M. Linn "Angel O'Death" - my 22 month old loves it***UPDATE: This is still great, but i wish i would've gotten a kindle Fire HD or a tablet similar now. After buying this, then having to buy the $40 battery charger pack & a few $20 games & a few $20 App Download Cards, etc... and seeing that i was only able to find TWO free apps (on ... NOT from LeapPad) well, you do the math. Plus, my daughter is the only one that uses it, which is probably better anyways as i just give it to her and don't get as mad when she gets it dirty or drops it-thankfully i had the foresight to buy screen protectors and protective gel skin covers). Summary, consider buying this product, definitely as it may fit your family perfectly, but for $200 (when you include all the accessories) + $$$$$ all the money for the games and apps = maybe a REAL tablet would be better value

    my niece loves it too. i bought two of these things (princess bundle). my daughter is younger than the recommended ages for it and she loves it too. she can navigate around in it on her own. she calls it her iPad. well... maybe i taught her to... anyways. if you're looking for a great gift for a child, this is the perfect one.
  • Randolph W. Lievertz - Another great item from Seagate.This expansion drive is a perfect add-on for more disk capacity. I am running 4 of them simultaneously with absolutely no problems (along with 4 older peripheral drives). These drives can be physically removed from the computer and locked in a safe for ultimate data security. Many professions are now under strict rules concerning data security and personal information safety, physicians being one of the more recent professions affected by this. This is a huge improvement over the olden days of nightly computer tape back-up and system restore. For having an up to date backup, the drive can be synched each night to have the latest information and then locked in a safe for security.