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  • Evan Ross - 2nd Buy, Both PERFECT!!

    Bought in January for the Spring semester, worked perfect! Read some reviews about bad codes, but still tried (saved over $10 from the MyMathLab site and over $30 from college bookstore!) knowing that Amazon has awesome customer service!
    My code arrived today, another perfect one...Stats, here I come!!

  • Lakemoor - Worked for Me

    After a year of regularly recurring yeast and UTI infections the doctor suggested I try this product. I have been taking it every day for 7 months and have had no infections. This is cheaper than going to the doctor and paying for a precription to treat the infection plus it is no missed time off work.

  • M. Sevcik "head in the clouds" - Don't even look at the cover

    I just finished "Kiss" by Ted Dekker. I stayed up so late last night because I couldn't put it down. I just had to see how it ended. I wanted to see who was involved what she found out...did she get the guy. I know this probably won't help many people but i wanted to give my 5 stars for this book. I tried...tried being the word, to play detective the entire way through this book. Again I just wanted to give my 5 stars! haha Sorry if this didn't help anybody.