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  • J. Sheets - The Return Of The Modern Day Praetorian GuardI am a staunch conservative, a veteran of the U.S. Military, and have worked in private sector for the past 32 years in the Risk Management department for a large U.S. based retailer. I work closely with law enforcement across multiple jurisdictions mostly in the area of Organized Retail Crime and have an inbred respect for all law enforcement. I purchased this book with some reservations as I figured that it would be nothing more than a left wing progressive cop bashing fest. I could not have been more wrong about this author's body of work or intentions.

    The book is well researched, full of facts, and I found it surprisingly to be politically neutral! The author in fact goes out of his way to not blame law enforcement for the current trend in the militarization of their officers, or the proliferation of SWAT teams materializing all over the country. In fact he lays most of the blame for this right at the feet of our legislators. No one party is or branch of government is exempt. Numerous presidents, senators, members of the house, and Supreme Court Justices are all mentioned, and their roles in getting the Fourth Amendment nullified are presented in excruciating detail. This book highlights how the sacred rights of the Castle Doctrine and the Posse Comitatus Act of 1878 have all been circumnavigated. This is a must read for all Americans regardless of their political affiliation.
  • Pricklybear - Kindle RocksMore then met my expectation . Would like to see Amazon change their packaging for the delivery of Tablets and most all their items. Having the Amazon name printed so prominently on the outside of the package makes the delivery unsafe in most areas. The package cries out for robbers to come get me. A more pro active tack on Amazon's part, with the use of discretion on the packaging would limit the amount of stolen items and a less stressful worry for the buyer waiting for a package.
  • mr simon david - An essentail Revit CompanionI consider myself a superb Revit user but I found this book is filled with detailed instructions and cover's all the tool's required to become even better at Mastering Revit 2011.

    From novices to experts (like me) you will get tremendous use from this book. I especially like the center where it shows you some fine examples of completed Revit projects, putting practice into reality.
    There is a Hospital project in there done by SOM and it looks amazing, I hope I can bring my skills up to that level, I'm sure I can with the help of this book.

    If you use Revit you will use and enjoy this book.