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  • GAMBIT - Norton DeliversAlmost identical to last year version. Been using Norton since i had windows 98 as an O/S. Predictable reliable and the tech suport is much beter that it used to be. Before it was nonexiting becouse they were the only game in town. This time around i actuly needed tech suport as aposed to last year when i just uninstaled the previous version and insaled the new one. This year there was a smal problem, i decided to do the instaltion at like one in the morning and just went in to my account found the right page and soon a tech guy asked my permission to take over my computer and it took like ten min. I suspect becouse it was one in the morning that is why i got them in like ten seconds. Hope this helps.
  • Charles M. Britzman - UNSIGHTLY INSIGHTSLong ago, I watched a PBS special about molds and mildews. Most of the documentary was about all the damage they do, and how they turn up in places like bagpipes and even jet fuel. But when they got to the mold called penicillin, and referred to it as the medical miracle of the 20th century, I pondered long on how the yuck factor can often mask a world we really need to get to know better, for our own good. Thus, Zimmer's book found a prepared way in my mind. I still walked new yuck factor ground here, since your average parasite is a devious Einstein compared to a mildew. But I looked for and quickly discovered the same kind of insight, and even more ancient and important relationships, in this book.

    The zombie crabs,snails and ants, the genesis theories of sex and language, and the way parasites are hidden modifiers of the old "survival of the fittest" paradigm were eye-openers, as was the discussion of how sickle cell anemia is a byproduct of natural selection for the single sickle cell gene, brought on by the prevalence of malaria. As a professional science writer who is expert in bringing out the meaning and implications of research so that the layman can understand, Zimmer paints the incredible picture for us, of the multi-billion year old interplay between competing parasite/host DNA chains and natural selection. Along the way, the various hookworms and blood flukes have learned biochemical tricks that science still hasn't figured out, but will turn into blood thinners and anti-rejection treatments.

    And I learned that there is a parasitic fungus on insects, Cordyceps, that is the source of an important antibiotic called cyclosporin, which took me right back to my moldy epiphany long ago.
  • Francis W. Porretto "Curmudgeon Emeritus" - Incredibly Well Timed And RelevantAnn Coulter's thesis in "Mugged" is that racial demagoguery, not actual racism, is the malady that afflicts America, and that it's the deliberate product of left-liberal political action. As usual, Coulter has assembled a compelling, well-referenced case for her thesis, including the impact of exactly such demagoguery on the 2008 presidential election. And as usual, the Left is going nuts over it, as indicated by the one-star reviews of her book by persons who've never read it and can't make a single factual statement about it.

    At the core, Coulter argues, it's left-liberals' exploitation of white Americans' unease about race relations that really matters. Actual racial discrimination, except for the sort imposed upon us by legally mandated preferential treatment of blacks, is effectively gone from American life. But the "need" to "prove" one's lack of racism (as impossible as that is when, according to the Left, we're all talking in racial code words all the time) still motivates far too many of us to speak and act from unearned, undeserved guilt over things done long ago by persons long dead.

    With the 2012 elections a bare five weeks away, "Mugged" could hardly be more relevant. The tragedy of the thing is that so few as-yet-undecided voters will read it before casting their ballots.
  • callicoamy - neat anniversary giftI always love adding fresh herbs to my dishes so this is a great little addition to our kitchen. The herbs are growing well despite my lack of a green thumb. It's easy - just add water and nutrients. The light is bright and stays on a good bit so keep that in mind when considering the area you will be keeping this garden. I was surprised how much I like having this little garden.