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  • little Ruger - it's been yearsIt's been yers since I have read a Milepost, it is still the best book, bar none, on the market. Hope to make a trip north this next summer, at least part way. Can hardly wait. Everyone should read this if even just for interrest on the highways in Canada and Alaska. This book is so complete. Beautiful pictures and all. I lived in Alaska till I was almost 15 years old, and have visted a few times since. This book takes me back and makes me a bit homesick.
  • A. Vasey - Great reference!This is a great reference book for feeding, sleeping, and illnesses for your baby. I especially like that it breaks down symptoms into categories for when to call the doctor and when to wait it out. It is my go-to book for figuring out what to do.
  • Pash Mckenley - color codedi have performed this play on stage several times (playing the lady in purple role) and i am always surprised by how i feel saying these words, and, how the audience reacts to hearing them. FCGCS is a play that is rich with emotions. the book covers a lot of ground on the issues facing women today- in particular- black/african american. the sad thing is that some of these issues are still factors in the community today. shange takes us a journey - just make sure you are prepared for the ride.
  • Karen F - Great read! Could not put it down.This is the second book by this author that I have read. I chose this one because the first one was such a wonderful book.
    I enjoy reading biblical historial fiction with a romantic twist. This book fits that description.
    You can't help but hope for Sarah as she finds her way back to God!
  • reginald j. lavallee - Clapton Does It Again!Just finished watching the 2013 Crossroads guitar festival and thought it was awesome! I love how the show was done with Eric getting things started and sharing the stage with some very talented musicians. The best is how they finish it all; they entertain you throughout and blow you away with guitar playing of different styles from so many talented people but then Eric comes on for some of his solo work and you realize why he is "The Guitar God." How can you not enjoy the way he does Crossroads or Sunshine of your Love? Highly recommend this DVD for any Eric Clapton die-hard fan.