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City: Ponda, Goa

  • Perboir Moreira Filho "music lover" - Rush hour, Rush time, Rush era!The meaning of "power trio" is this: RUSH. A long time ago, some decades to be precise, I discovered this band. How could only three skinny guys from Canada play so loud? As mentioned by Jack Black in the documentary "Rush: Beyond The Lighted Stage" released in 2010, the opening track of that first album is a killer song. And I agree. As for this concert, which I had the chance to experience when they came to Sao Paulo, Brazil, it is espectacular! Professionalism taken to the extreme level, with a generous amount of light and sound! Experience the RUSH hour. Better, make it almost three hours and be delighted. This DVD is a must buy.
  • Taylor - Awesome Study AidThis is probably the best and most all around useful book for studying in medical school. I didn't really start studying with this book until I was focused on taking boards. I really wish that I had started using this book sooner (i.e. at the beginning of medical school).
  • Gabrielle Burtless - This author always makes me thinkI've recommended Passionate Marriage to half the people I know (married or not). This book goes that little bit farther than Passionate Marriage and makes a nice addition to his work. While it has a similar purpose (using your committed partnership as a system for individual growth which = intimacy/passion/satisfaction) this is not the same book all over again. I do suggest reading Passionate Marriage before you read this one as some of the ideas and techniques referenced in this book are fully described in P.M.

    By the way, I recommend these two books even if you're not in a relationship currently. If it were up to me they would be required reading BEFORE marriage. We have a tremendous rate of failure in marriages culturally which is (I suspect) largely related to completely inaccurate expectations about the purpose & mechanics of a good marriage. I know that was true for me at least. Thanks to this book I went into my last marriage with a significantly different concept than previously. I can also say that I believe this one will last the rest of my life (it's already lasted longer than any previous relationship). Note that I'm not saying that it's all sunshine and rainbows, but rather that we do a much better job putting the bad days to good use and spend way less time on them. I think anyone has an easier time tolerating discomfort when there's a positive purpose. This book doesn't promise no discomfort...just tells you how to make it useful (and eventually reducing the amount of time you must spend in the messy bits).
  • Harpuia - One star spammers strike againJust because the servers were down for a bit doesn't warrant the spam of 1 stars all over for this game. I do not understand why people are using that as an excuse to drop stars. So what if you need an internet connection and there is no mod support. It prevents botting, it allows for game play to always be legitimate. How often are you without internet?

    Blizzard announced this years ago the game would always require an online connection. If you have an computer without internet how are you even posting to websites to complain?