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  • Ron Roth - The "plan" if your interested in taking control of your vocational life.The book is the latest edition of the yearly publication. Read my first copy in 1982 and have purchased the new edition each year since. My library presently contains 10 copies the others having been given to our children, nieces, nephews an friends.
    The book is an easy read as Mr. Bolles is a great communicator. Highly recommend you review the book in your local library first. If you are willing to invest some time in defining your skills, matching those to specific types of satisfaction providing vocations, locating specific employers and succeeding in the job interview this book provides the tools and numerou other resources.
  • Spartan - AmazingI had a lot of indigestion problems and reflux disease before my doctor suggested I try Align. With Align I hardly take my prescribed anti-acid any more. It has worked in settling my stomach and my whole digestive system.
  • Peace - Stop MOBBING Alyce LaVioletteI believe the mobbing of an individual is NEVER justifiable and that all individuals involved in a mobbing (no matter how righteous they feel) are participating in evil behavior. All government officials, media personnel, businesses, and individuals involved in starting, furthering, and promoting the escalation of a mobbing need to dig deep into their souls and correct their mobbing behavior. Children and teenagers learn mobbing/bullying tactics (e.g., cyber-attacks) from adults. Please be proactive in STOPPING the mobbings of children, teenagers, and adults to make this a better world for everyone. I pray all persons involved STOP mobbing Alyce LaViolette. NOTE: There is a very good book written on the subject of mobbing that is called "MOBBING Emotional Abuse in the American Workplace," written by Noa Davenport, Ph.D., Ruth Distler Schwartz, and Gail Pursell Elliott.
  • Kathlene Dyer - Actually Does WorkI received a free sample of this via and was very skeptical. I get cold sores about twice a year and they seem to last about two weeks. When I first got this sample in the mail I looked at it and was worried about the package. It is a glass tube you have to squeeze and break. I don't like that part of it. About a month later, I felt a cold sore coming on. I applied the first tube and it burned immediately. At that point I really felt like it would never work but I went ahead and used all three tubes on it. I was amazed on the second day because I could tell it was healing before it even got bad. On the third day it was almost gone. So yeah, it Burns but it works better than anything else I have found.
  • J. Whitehead - Easy download, no complications. I am satisfied!I was reluctant to download this product because of some of the negative reviews regarding download issues. However, I am in Afghanistan with limited access to mail so waiting for an install CD was not an option. I am happy to report I downloaded everything just fine. Make sure you save the product key...... and all should work well.

    Best of luck!