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  • E-Cowboy - Kaspersky - 1; Viruses - 0This feels like a bit of a partial product review and yet is probably indicative of the software doing what it's supposed to do. Kaspersky was a piece of cake to install, update and then conduct an initial scan of my computer. No viruses were discovered nor have they been downloaded since, so I've yet to experience Kaspersky take care of any virus issues. But I'd much rather avoid them than correct them, so I'm quite pleased so far.

    I've used a variety of anti-virus software in the past - Norton and McAfee - and didn't feel like quality fell off at all with Kaspersky. It's user-friendly, updates run in the background, scans are easily scheduled, etc.

    If I end up experiencing virus issues on my Kaspersky protected computer, I'll come back and amend this review, but so far I've been nothing but pleased.
  • Funkkamii - WorksFor those people debating to try this.. Please do so. It works. Just put note you might have to do the steps multiple times but it works. Some reviews ive read said their mole looks like a circle without a center.. Thats what happened to me and so i scratched off little more than the actual mole size then applied again. It works. It might regrow because u didnt dig deep enough. But be patient and let it heal then re-do the process. Took me 6 times to destroy my mole with this. I was patient n Let it heal 6 times!! Took like.. 8 months? I got rid of the mole.. And about scarring.. Its genetics and medication is just an addition. U can barely notice my scar.. In fact only i know that theres suppose to be a scar there if u stare into the area for like a minute. Oh.. One more thing i had a wart removed from a cosmetic surgeon.. That process left a scar clear to see.. Id rather use dermatend than go pay bigger money for bigger scars.
  • Michael Collins - The gift you didn't know you neededThe Roku is still pretty underground for most folk. to simply it allows almost any Tv to be "Smart". It has the the most open application market I have seen in the streaming HD video space. it runs on app based channels. The ones I most frequently use are hulu plus, netflix, Amazon VOD, and occasionally Youtube. This device, if you can live without ESPN, will help you cut the cable cord. I have done it for over 2 years with this little guy paired with an HD antenna. The interface is so much better than what comes standard with a top of the line Samsung Tv. This is truly the gold standard for streaming Tv right now. This little device is small that it can fit nicely behind a wall mounted flat screen.
  • Tia Ake - I'm in Heaven!I received this Mr. Coffee beauty as a gift and have been in love ever since. One machine to make both the frothy milk goodness and the "legal addictive stimulant" I need daily! Not just one machine, but one vessel as well.

    I am the only coffee drinker in this household so I've been using a "K" brewer along with a separate milk frother to create my morning brew. I have been somewhat satisfied with the results, but certainly not overwhelmed. First, we know how expensive the "K" systems can be, even when you use a reusable filter & your own coffee. Second, having to use a separate machine to froth milk is a pain, especially when the frothing can be hit or miss depending on the type of milk you use. Third, can we just talk about all the cleaning of said parts/machines? Oh, and did I mention counter space?

    With this one Mr. Coffee Cafe Latte machine I get the best, most gorgeous foam ever, no matter the milk. I use cow's milk, usually lactose free but haven't tried fat free milk (life's just not worth living!), and this machine produces copious amounts of foam as well.

    Here's what you have to clean: filter basket, coffee pot, lid of the coffee pot with the attached whisk. Bam! That's it!

    You need the cheap 4 cup filters. You can vary the strength of the coffee by adding more coffee, but I use espresso. I drink one giant cup in the morning and I used 4T of finely ground espresso, fill the water to the 2 serving level, and fill the milk to the 1 serving level. This fit's my big cup just perfectly. Mr. "K", you've been retired!