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  • orbital chaos - worth the priceI did not catch mine early and I used sesame seed oil on it for the first 2 days -- this did keep it from being painful and red -- sesame seed oil is an anti-inflammatory and I was pleased but not pleased enough. So I went to Walgreens because that store was very close; I paid $19.99 -- they had a coupon special, but I did not have a coupon. The tube is tiny, but you only need a dab several times a day, so that's fine and it takes up little space if you want to take it on a trip, keep it on your purse or car. It has been less than 24 hours and I see improvement already, it's smaller and drying up, so I am giving a positive review. I have no doubt if you catch the process at first tingle, it minimizes overall damage and pain for most people. The price here is also good, so if you want to keep a tube on-hand, it's a good deal for Prime members don't need a coupon. Oh: I have also been taking L-Lysine and had not had a cold sore for a very long time (which is why I wasn't very responsive to the first signs) -- but I was taking lysine in lower doses and spottily, so I increased my dose of that as well, but still, the visual improvement in the lesion in about 12 hours is very nice.
  • Mike - Perfect.I haven't had any of the problems that i've been reading about in the other reviews. my device did not come with any scratches or bugs. i will admit that i haven't tried the gps but i also have no use for gps on a tablet. i have my phone for that. my keyboard is still back ordered but my friend received his and allowed me to use it for a little. the keyboard is cramped but doesn't take much practice to get used to. i can easily get 3 days of use of of the keyboard/tablet combo before charging and i'd say i use it moderately to heavily. i took it to class to take notes on and was able to use the keyboard efficiently and also draw on the tablet when necessary, though it was a little awkward drawing without taking it out of the dock. I've had the ice cream sandwich update for quite some time now and i have not experienced any of the problems that other people have mentioned with reboots and lag. there has also been (i think) two additional updates since ICS was sent out but i'm not sure what they did. the tablet is blazingly fast regardless of what it's doing and i recently installed the chrome beta to use instead of dolphin/stock that i had been alternating between before and i noticed huge speed increases over what i already thought was rather fast load times from the stock/dolphin. both of my parents and my sister have ipads and i'm here to tell you that they don't come close to competing with this tablet in any category. there is no need for the ipad to exist anymore with the invention of the transformer. the reign of apple is officially beginning its decline.
  • Robert De Thomas Jr. "Bob De Thomas" - Absolutely Hysterical and All True If You're in This Age Group!I started laughing just about from the first page. Crystal takes us on a very funny journey through his life. All the time while I was reading the book, I could hear his voice and visualize him telling these tales. I found myself savoring every page and didn't want the book to end. In the next few days, I'm going to trade this book for Crystal's "700 Sundays" which a friend of mine has and can't wait to read "Still Fooling 'Em".

    I highly recommend this book, especially to those in our age group of 55-60+ who will "get it" and laugh right along with Crystal.