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  • braden toohey - MONEY WELL SPENT!!!This product does exactly what it says it will. It fully curbs
    Hunger and is just as good as taking vitamins. The only
    Down side Is, it tastes just like chewing up a vitamin. I would
    Also suggest mixing the recommended amount of powder in
    Double the amount of water. Its much easier to drink that way
    And still just as effective.
  • Lindsay Wylie - Align actually WORKSI've tried tons of supposed "cures" before - Zelnorm never worked for me, and neither have over-the-counter medication. Special teas and other foods just made me even sicker, and I finding meals every night that wouldn't leave me in pain was quite the chore. Align was a last-ditch effort for me, and I am absolutely floored by it. Within a couple of days of taking it, I noticed a difference, and a week later, I'd never felt better since I was a teenager. With the exception of chocolate (alas!), all of my previous trigger foods no longer affect me. If I were a religious person, I'd almost want to call this a miracle. If you have IBS or other digestive conditions, and your doctor does NOT seem to really take you seriously (mine kept attributing my condition to anxiety, when anyone who knows me knows that I am extremely laid-back and stress-free), then you should definitely try Align.
  • GreenlakeGal - Perfect to give you that slim physique!Having put on a few pounds, I've been looking for a more slimming style. Now, thanks to Mitt Romney and some 1950s blowback, I've found it! No more messy curves, bulges or outlandish ambitions. Now I can fit myself, my hopes and my dreams in a nice little binder with all the other gals. Thanks, Mittens!