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  • Courtney P Bishop - Great for eating outWe have used this several times now going out to eat with our 6 month old. It has fit all tables so far. You do have to turn the "knobs" to tighten, which takes a minute, but it's not that big of a deal. And it's not righty tighty, lefty loosey...it's the opposite. So far our baby isn't too messy, so we haven't had to clean it much, just spot cleaning. Not a big deal either. Those were some of the negative comments I read before buying it. I think it's great. I put a chair underneath it, just in case, but have had no problems.
  • John - Tablet rocksJust received my grey Prime 64GB tablet from Amazon today. It rocks...and GPS works perfectly for me..without delays inside middle of my two-story home.
  • C. Boginski "cj" - An Exhaustive Look at Salinger's Life and StrugglesA long time fan of Salinger, I never understood, until now, the full weight of the impact of World War II on both his art and personal life. The biography captures Salinger's existence in no-man's land among his fictional characters, his pre- and postwar worlds, his seduction of young women, and his struggles with religion. Shields and Salerno should be commended for their diligent research and for unearthing the details of Salinger's life.
  • Barry J. Gillis - I NOTICED THAT SOMEONE WAS SELLING THIS HERE FOR $2500.00 (Madonna, Paris Hilton, you listening???)For $2500.00 you know that the price is just right for the rich and famous. You just know that some KNOB is going to buy a jug for $2500.00 and declare it Gods gift to humanity. Anyway, I also notice that you can even buy a gallon for $69.00 dollars, wow what a great deal. So I can get the $2500 dollar Tuscan GENUINE whole milk for only $69.00 dollars, Holy Bat money clip batman, I'll have to get a jug of this before sales run out. WOW, AWESOME DEAL... Can hardly wait... The sad fact of all of this is... Some moron like Paris Hilton,etc,etc with endless supplies of money to burn has probably bought a jug of this for the $2500.00 one seller is advertising it for... SAD WORLD WE LIVE IN... hahahhaha
  • K Morgen - easy to update to 2013 versionThe CD was easy to install. It removed my older McAfee version and installed the newer version on my Vista PC. In the box, there was a certificate to upgrade for 6 months additional service. Wish they had a one year subscription extension option as I don't really need the new software, just the virus update subscription.