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  • Bettina Hein - Entrepreneurial spirit prevailsI received Ping Fu's book at this year's SxSW conference and I read it from cover-to-cover within 24 hours. It's a touching life story that shows just how resilient human beings can be. I'm a tech entrepreneur myself and whatever hardships I've endured - they are nothing compared to Ping Fu's life story. Ping's story is an inspiration not just for Chinese entrepreneurs or female entrepreneurs but for anybody that has struggled with building a business or a life from hardship. Her determination to not only succeed but do right by others is something I very much admire. I'm also jealous that she managed to be a CEO of a successful company and write such a riveting book at the same time :-).
  • Yosemite Joe - Great but Not CompleteThis diet got me on the road to healing, and gave me hope where the doctors gave me only despair and cream with a black cancer warning label.

    I found, from a very smart guy named Randall over at alt.support.skin-diseases.psoriasis on the news groups, that I could "cheat" this diet almost completely except during an outbreak when going to far with alcohol, etc. The simple program I use is to take a table spoon of sweet whey (Bob's Red Mill sells it, it's VERY cheap). This feeds the "good" gut bacteria, which balance the immune system and line the gut.

    But you may have to start with a probiotic powder mixed with oil, which keeps the stomach acid from killing the probiotic. Of else you could try Flora Smart probiotics (sold here), they seem to have a special liner that works. If you really want to go after it, try thewholewhey(DOT)com. The sell a probiotic implant system, but be ready for a little surprise how it works!

    You can read all about this over at the news group I mentioned. Again, the book was great, but with the additional knowledge, I have been able to go back to a nearly normal diet for 2 years and keep the P totally clear, except for a few times when I drank a beer every day or two for a while.

    Good Luck!
  • W. Singleton - Definitely the bestThis is the pick of the litter on the Sunbeam products that I have tried. We have owned most, if not all, of the different Sunbeam heating pad products and found this pad to perform best. The controller is really excellent and adds a lot to the usability and comfort of the pad, with six different heat levels and a controllable auto-shutoff feature. The pad itself is very soft and comfortable, as compared to the other models by Sunbeam. The only con is the extra cost, but the additional value is there.
  • Johnpix "Johnpix" - Amazon: Norton Internet Security 2012 - 1 user / 3 PCHave used Norton Internet security products for many years and this product continues giving excellent service like those in the past. Most computers users have more than one so you need this 3 PC product to cover all your machines. My internet service provided has a global spam filter as part of its service and this Norton security filter serves as a critically necessary backup, a just-in-case backup. Get it, you need it and it works.
  • R. Ng "Happy camper" - Great value GPS - Garmin 50 LMSeveral months back when my son's soccer friend carpooled with us to a game, and I had trouble navigating to the venue because of the multiple exits and flyover turns. To our saving grace my son's friend's smart phone had a built in GPS, and I credit him for getting us to the game on time. Since I do not buy into the smartphone hype, I've decided to invest in a GPS instead.

    My researched brought me to Garmin 50LM. Having now own for about a month, it has already saved us much worries and headaches. I have no problem downloading the maps and syncing my location. The menu is close to fool-proof and extremely easy to use. I think the primary strengths of this unit is its simplicity and ease of use. I highly recommend Garmin 50LM to folks who are currently looking for a starter GPS.