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  • Renae Gregoire "CarolinaRen" - Why did it take me so long to find this heating pad?!?I agree with other reviewers who say that this is the best heating pad ever. I use the pad every single day, winter and summer, for backaches and just to keep warm. This one is big, soft, and flexible, without those pokey/stabby white plastic corners that normally bug you on the other models. I've had this pad now for perhaps 6 months, and am here to order another so I can keep one at each of my regularly used chairs. Would only go back to the old model if this one was no longer made. Worth the price difference!
  • John J. Callahan "Jeff" - Kindle versionHaving purchased the 2010 version, I decided to drop the new version in my tablet so I'd always have it with me. This book is an easy to read yet comprehensive resource with great ideas about how to stand out from the crowd throughout the entire hiring process, how to develop multiple ways to identify opportunities and connect with key decision makers. This book if chock full of concise, actionable strategies that are geared towards today's job search environment. I will read and re-read ...btw the website is recommended as well.
  • Kirstin Perkins - Lighter than everI have bought nothing but Wave Riders since at started with the 13 series. The 16 series seem to be lighter and more breathable. I feel that my feet are taking longer to adjust to them due to less padding (and therefore less weight) but I think they are a great pick for someone who plans on being active daily.
  • Janet F. Miller "jmiller45" - Helpful Planning GuideThis guide was very helpful in planning every aspect of a visit to Disneyworld. It covers when to go,transportation,lodging(staying in Disney owned hotels & hotels that are on Disney property but not owned by Disney). Gives information about admission tickets & meal plan pricing. Gives information about all 4 theme parks & transportation getting from hotel & park to park. This is a very helpful planning guide.
  • J. Haggard - I never appreciated Dilbert until I got a cubicle at workIf you have a cubicle at work it's almost required you have a dilbert calendar. It's so funny to read the comics because it's easy to relate them to some part of your day or the people you work with. I look forward to tearing off the old comic and reading the daily one. In fact I find it hard not to just flip through and read them all now but am trying to hold back so this truly lasts all year for me.

    Its a great calendar, lots of humor to help pass the day. Get it.