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City: 75244 Dallas, Texas

  • Pmeyer - The ReturnedI enjoyed this very much. This is not a zombie story. I love a good zombie story, but this was a "return" of a different kind.
    I think Mr. Mott portrayed the characters in the story very well. I found that I could empathize with their feelings of longing for a dream to come true, and realizing that dream could be a mixed blessing. I look forward to reading more of his work.
  • Samana Siddiqui - Somebody call the Pulitzer committee and somebody else call Stephen SpielbergA native of New Orleans saving neighbors and abandoned pets via canoe in the wake of Hurricane Katrina sounds like the stuff of a Stephen Spielberg adventure flick. But until the film is made, Zeitoun by Dave Eggers is a Pulitzer-worthy read that will jar and haunt you.

    The book highlights the case of Abdrrahman Zeitoun, a successful Syrian builder and businessman who has called New Orleans home for over two decades. As his wife, Kathy, and their four children leave to a relative's home before the hurricane, begging him to come along, Zeitoun decides to stay back to assist the stranded, as well as to protect his home and the property of his clients from looters. Traveling on his canoe through the flooded city, he helps neighbors and feeds abandoned animals by day and sleeps in a tent on the roof of his home by night.

    But Zeitoun is quickly transformed from hero to villain once a mandatory evacuation order is issued for New Orleans. He is arrested on charges of theft by a mishmash of local and federal law enforcement officers. Thrown into a Guantanamo-style prison of open air cages at what was once a city bus station, he is stunned when called "Al-Qaeda" and "Taliban" by some of the guards. His crime is not only that he was at the wrong place, at the wrong time, like many other New Orleans residents who chose to stay during Katrina. His mistake is doing so while being an Arab Muslim.

    Eggers exposes the injustice of the city's makeshift criminal justice system in the wake of the disaster. With straightforward, understated narrative, he allows readers to feel rage and disgust on their own terms at the wrongful arrest and treatment of an innocent man trying to do the right thing in the strangest of circumstances.

    Being strip searched, pepper sprayed, denied medical care and even one phone call, which every arrested person has a right to in the United States, breaks his spirit. His belief that his adopted country, which he always thought would maintain its purported ideal of "innocent until proven guilty" and a commitment to the rule of law, is shaken to the core.

    Yet, through his faith and strength of character, Zeitoun gets through it all, broken, but not beaten.

    Dave Eggers has crafted a riveting true tale of injustice, incompetence, but even more important, resilience in the face of the most unusual and unbelievable of circumstances.
  • Judith L Atwell - Judy's reviewThis book laid the ground work for the other two! It explains how Christian's life as a dom started and that that is all he knew! He didn't know what to make of Ana, that was the start of a new life for Christian! It also shows that we can over come a bad start in life when we start with abusive parents!
  • Penelope Nichols "purveyor of funny" - seriously funnyi know funny...and this, my dear women is funny. i, too, plan to buy several copies and dispense them liberally throughout the holiday season to all my women friends. maybe even to some of my men friends -- those that have a sense of humor and are able to laugh at themselves. because they recognize themselves. even my husband, a man well schooled in the art of denial found himself laughing. buy this book for your girlfriends. they'll laugh. and they'll thank you profusely.
  • JenCamiTony - 5 Stars for Inglesina 2012 TripI purchased the Inglesina 2012 trip 2 weeks ago and I must say I researched umbrella strollers for the last 4 months since my daughter was able to sit up straight and did not need the bulky travel system. I researched the larger known brands such as Uppababy, Britax and Maclaren. All of which were either missing something and overly priced.
    I discovered the Inglesina through research and reviews of their other stroller models. The 2012 Trip was the stroller that offered all of the options I wanted in an umbrella stroller.
    -reclines! my daughter is able to lay almost completely flat!
    -light weight.. although it weighs more compared to maclaren and uppababy i will carry the extra weight
    -large canopy with extra extend for more coverage
    -cup holder
    -belly bar.. great to hang toys
    -basket is easy to access
    -pocket on back is great for storing things such as phone
    -leg extension is great for those long days where my daughter needs a nap
    -rain cover included!
    -fabric is easy to clean!
    -peek window to see baby will canopy is extended

    Well as of right now I cannot find any cons for this umbrella stroller

    I was only a little confused how to collapse the stroller and how to lower the leg extension but as with any new item takes time to get to know how it works.
    Although others complained that the material felt rough and that the weight.
    I truly think the material is great quality and you can feel the durability in this stroller, it is a real nice ride and I feel it did great on both smooth and rough terrain.

    All together I would say this stroller deserves 5 stars! If you are willing to spend the extra dollar, this sharp stroller is the one to buy. It is not the most popular name but this is true Italian quality!
    Also the Liquirizia color is AWESOME!!