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  • Diana Lynn - Fair Weather GolferAfter a 15 year hiatus from golf and not wanting to spend a fortune, I ordered this set so I could hit the links with my grandchildren. Imagine my surprise when I lifted the box. I figured they must have forgotten something because its was so light. The clubs feel good in hand and after a few bucket of balls have me eager to get on the fairway. I plan to carry this set for added exercise knowing it's light weight and comfortable strap will allow me to walk the links instead of riding!
  • Nathan A. Simpson "lead paint" - after hourswell i original bought this to speed up my searchers for porn but sadly i found

    that unless i run miles of cable it wont make a difference in speed. i did notice

    though low-res pics and movies are all as clear as HD now cause this cable is so

    wonderful. now to get to what matters. last Tuesday me and my 4x4 club were out

    muddin and charlie got buried deep and all 30 trucks had forgot there recovery

    straps....good thing i had this cable running back to my house to my laptop" speed

    was amazing being 40 miles from house. so i ran the extra out to his truck and gave

    him a yank..i might have hit 45 maybe 50mph before the slack was out the cable

    seemed to slip a little but over all it pulled hi, right out. another use not

    listed on here was how easy it cured cancer....yeah i said it. ive went to the

    doctors for 25 years now and when i went to doctors yesterday i still hadnt had

    cancer even though i thought i had caught it. and the only reason i would not

    recommend this item is the lack of wolves... totally lost my boner over it
  • Steve Dundorf - Everything about this book is beautifulThis book is incredibly beautiful without being cloying.
    I love how they were able to share their grief and their joy without detailing every little thing.

    I'd like to report what my children think, but I'm not sure yet if my kids like it because every time I try to read it out loud, I start crying.
  • Heather Burke - an accurate and compassionate depiction of the "after-war"I am a psychologist with the Army in the TBI clinic. This book is an accurate and moving account of what these returning soldiers have to deal with. Readers with little personal knowledge of the wars and their effects will come way with a compassion towards the struggles that these soldiers (and their families) face.