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  • A. Baker - Great read!!I really enjoyed this book. It inspired me to go after a job that I thought was too lofty for me and I got it! Now there is discussion in only one months time of a promotion to a chief of staff position!! I have reflected a lot on sentiments shared in this book during my first few weeks on the job, all while taking on the huge task of being certified to adopt. (As a single woman, people!). Just a few months away from my 40th birthday and on a great path...reading Sheryl's words inspired me to keep leaning in towards my dreams at a time when I needed it!!!!!
  • Mel - Amazing skin care products!I had been on and off oral medications for my acne over 10 years. I had tried almost every product found in the stores and online. I saw Exposed Skin Care and figured I had nothing to loose. I have been using it for over 3 years and absolutely love it! Not a day goes by that I don't use the products. I have been acne free since I have started the products!
  • Senya Dedoo - Must have for your gaming needsI have been desiring one of these for 6 long years now. Once i got my package I found that the outside box(there is 2 boxes) was slightly beaten but I said to myself "that's OK) so I opened the second box which was in mint condition and I found all 4 games 1 controller 1 usb 1 av cable and the console itself. The console itself was extremely light and very easy to setup. I LOVE my PS3