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  • MichiganAlum - Sony has done it again!Sony did it again with its fourth generation gaming system. The console is simply incredible and we're just scratching the surface at the capabilities that the PlayStation 4 can achieve. The games have been great overall, but I fully expect them to be amazing going forward. I really have no complaints about the PlayStation 4 and I'm definitely having a blast playing mine. If you don't have one than I'm not sure what you're waiting for!
  • Geekout2 - Great, Stylish Protection for My Old Macbook ProI don't normally cover up my beautiful Macs, but I am using this on my old Macbook Pro. We recently transitioned to and Electronic Health Record and I hated the tablet the company gave me to use to see patients. I currently use my Macbook air as my primary laptop, so I decided to use my old MacBook Pro instead. I take it in and out of patients' rooms all day long and didn't want to damage by this increased use. This is an ideal solution. It fits perfectly and is securely attached. It's BLACK!!! You can still see the Apply logo on the laptop lid through this cover. I'm very pleased with this cover. I highly recommend it. Besides, the price was unbeatable.
  • Erik J. - Best Phone I've Ever OwnedI can't believe how quick everything is and how well it all works together. The Nokia apps are the best part of it all and the quality of the build feels like the most solid, sturdy phone ever, something Nokia is legendary for. I have been with Windows Phone since WP7 and the Samsung Focus...this absolutely blows it away and the WP8 OS has really taken a large step. Windows Phone is just getting started and the Lumia 920 is the main reason why the OS will be a huge success going forward.