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  • Librarian Loves Rick - These are the debate topics right here!I have read half of it so far and it is very informative. I listen to multiple talk-radio programs every day and there is so much to keep up with. This compact and straightforward book is so helpful. Just by reading the first half of the book, i knew what each candidate was discussing at the Romney-Obama debate (October 3rd). These are all the issues that Romney knew like the back of his hand. I will finish it before the next debate. Love it!
  • tbtrfli - Amazing! Finally!Besides my 2 kids and husband, this is the 4th most amazing thing I have come in contact with! I felt a cold sore coming on at 2am and didnt have any Valtrex on hand. I was devastated... I HATE THESE THINGS! I immediately started applying Domeboro (my secret weapon). Its a powder you mix with water and it cuts the life of these things in half by completely drying them out. It still usually last a week though. I, as usual, jumped on the Internet to try and find a miracle. I ran across this product and was amazed by the reviews. I sent my husband out and applied it at 12pm that day. Within an hour I could feel a difference and the swelling had started to go down. By the next day it was almost GONE. AMAZING! Granted... I did catch it in the beginning and it hadn't opened yet. I'm sure this helped. It is now 3 days later and it's a tiny scab that will probably go away within a day or two. I was able to go out the next night with my head held high... usually I stay indoors for 2 weeks - no joke. Thank you, Orajel! Bravo!!
  • sarah chavarria - Harris Does It AgainOnce again Sam Harris hits the nail on the head,and builds the case for science that requires no mystery tainted dichotomy. This book is the new definitive answer to those who seek to sell us their myths by telling us we "need" it, or we won't be good people. Modernity is fast on the heels of Christianity, Islam, and the rest of them, and we are closer than ever, thanks to Sam, to freeing ourselves from the lie that only by accepting fairy tales as fact, can we reach for the highest ideals and attain a just and peaceful society. As obvious as it seems after reading THE MORAL LANDSCAPE, the reader soon realizes that the proof to Mr. Harris' hypothesis has been staring us in the face the whole time. I will be reading this again, now.The Moral Landscape: How Science Can Determine Human Values
  • jenquick - Helped us go cold turey off satellite TVWe dumped DirecTV and went with the Roku so that we only pay for what we actually want to watch, and we're pleased. It was easy to set up and get paired with our network. The entry for searches and passwords is clunky and old fashioned (like a flip type cell phone). We probably don't use all the features that are available, and we don't use it as much as we could, but we've enjoyed being able to watch what we want when we want. Bought one for us and one for my mom, and she was able to figure it out right away (she's 80) and watches lots of BBC stuff on two different channels through the Roku. In 1 1/2 months we had paid for it with what we saved on not paying DirecTV anymore, so we're happy.