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  • T. Voost - Perfecting...Over all, The Asus TF201 is one T-Totally awesome device. When docked into station, WOW, talk about a whole new experience, easy to operate. Great cameras, powerful bright screen and wonderful performance. Features...It has them and lots. Oh, yeah it's sexy. Favorite of the past 2 other tablets i have previously owned, no doubt. To have it supportive of a few personally important applications, would be terrific. Sad to mention, but my ONE detected aggravating issue....The Micro HDMI cord wont stay properly intact, really T's me off having these slightly angled sides, allowing cord to just fall right out...Black electrical tape solves the trick but not the answer. Over all, The Asus TF201 is one T-Totally awesome device.
  • Vaughn "The answer man!" - Awesome! What more can I say?I have used SOS to home school my kids for 7 years and all I can say is that it is great. Is it perfect? Is anything perfect? There is always room for improvement. If you are a busy parent with little time, but have decided that you love your children enough to take responsibility for their education and get them out of the drug riddled, dysfunctional, anti-God public education system; then SOS is for you. There are plenty of other good curriculum's out for home schooling your children, but SOS makes it a lot easier for time strapped parents. All that, plus you will have the joy of knowing that your children are not being indoctrination into the unscientific religion of Darwinian evolution, as well as having their patriotism destroyed by negative American revisionist history.
  • bizzarcle - no thumbs, no problem!I no longer have thumbs due to clumsy banana slicing w/ sharp knives. With this product, who needs thumbs! Wonderful!! I still cannot play golf, hit a baseball, have a thumb war, manipulate tools, give someone a high-five, freak my child out w/ the detachable thumb trick, or peel a banana... but I can finally slice bananas again! Thank you Hutzler, my life is slightly better!
  • SevereWX - Couldn't Get Enough!This is the first book I've read from author Kerrelyn Sparks, but based on what I read, it sure as heck won't be the last. Eat Prey Love was an exciting book to read, and one I couldn't put down once I picked it up. I admit to being a fan in general, of these types of fantasy books, but the fast paced, intense moments filled with just the right amount of humor to keep you thrown off balance is just incredibly well thought out. The fact that you get a sense of who everyone is about so quickly, without being slogged through entire chapters of nonsensical backstories is what makes these characters really come to life, without bogging the reader down and killing the pace. This one should be on any fantasy lover's short list!
  • Zeb "zebra01" - Very impressed!I been using Q for 20+ years. Some versions have been buggy - recently things have been quite good. I always upgrade usually yearly and sometimes every other year. Never had any serious problems. This is is a nice version - it appears to be a lot quicker and went on perfectly. Last year I had a problem with the online backup on Win7-64. I wrote them and was reluctant to give the service the info he asked - as my experience of 40 years is Customer service only waste my time. I had notified them so they could add it to their fix list. The rep kept asking - it appears that he was really high level - within days he has altered the code and asked me to try it --- it fixed it.