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  • Anita R. Perez "Abracadabra" - The first of its kind, and one of the best.Journaling is something I've been doing for a very long time, but I really benefited from going through this process. I did it by myself the first time, and then went through it again with a group, using a subsequent book by the same author: "Finding Water" which was essentially the same method, but "tweaked" and more developed. I feel that it really refined my ability to process my experiences, helped me be more productive in my art and writing, and improved my ability to keep track of my various pursuits.
  • gotta dance - i wish this book had been published sooner.With the heads up the good doctor hands out :I would have been more solidly situated for retirement.
    READ IT!!
  • Amy L. Koerner - The Solution to My Problem!I am the typical type of person she writes about. 42 years old, exercised regularly, and ate healthy. I've tried raw, vegan, vegetarian , and whole food diets. I was still overweight and was starting to give up. But 13 days ago I started following The Plan and today I feel better than I have in years and I've dropped 13 lbs. Thank you, Lyn-Genet!
  • AF Whigs "Whigs" - Another excellent PES gameI've had this game for about a week now, and after putting in many hours of play I thought I'd put a quick "first impressions" review up, and then update it later on. Just a bit of background: my last version of PES was 2009 for Wii and I've played it almost continuously for the several years I've had it. The control that Wii interface gives you is pretty amazing and addictive and it's easily the best sports game I've ever played.

    Other than different menus, the first thing I've noticed is that the physics of player movement and momentum have been updated to be more realistic - I haven't played any more recent versions, so this may be the same from last year. It's subtle, but it's unmistakeable and a big improvement, IMO. You can now run after a ball heading toward the sideline and stop & control it, rather than just running out of bounds as in PES 2009. Not always, but these world-class athletes now act more like world-class athletes. Another big change is that when holding Z to pressure the player with the ball, your defender will now sometimes knock the other guy over. Mostly this just results in a free kick, though I've gotten a couple of yellow cards and one very frustrating penalty kick in the 89th minute to lose a game. I guess the lesson is that you can't just hold Z forever - at some point the pressure is too much and your defender steamrolls the player he's pressuring.

    I primarily play Master League and that's the only part of PES 2013 I've touched, other than to edit the EPL teams to their proper names. Champions League is now integrated into Master League (finally!) and you can rename the FA Cup to the FA Cup (which you could in 2009, but for whatever reason it didn't make the change within Master League).

    Now, here's my big disappointment: there is no more second division. You start in the Premier League, and there is no relegation. WHY, Konami, WHY? Ideally I would've loved them to put in MORE lower divisions, not remove them altogether. Why not give us 50-60 teams from each country, then we can edit them as we like and set up whatever level of promotion/relegation we want? It seems that this wouldn't be that difficult since it was already there to one level in past versions.

    So, what this means is that when I start with a team of unknowns (which is how I like to do it) you now have a 1.5 star team playing against EPL squads! In the past my low-quality team would've been in the lower division playing against better-but-still-middling competition. Makes it pretty tough to get any progress going. I cut as much of the dead wood from my team (it seems you start with a bunch of guys with really poor stamina so many of them are useless) at the January transfer window, traded an aging striker (with poor stamina) for a much better goalkeeper, and was able to get a couple of good midfielders, but no improved strikers. With limited funds to work with, this has put me in only a slightly improved position for the remainder of the season. But that's ok. Progress is being made and it shouldn't be too easy. But I had bids for 6-8 different strikers rejected. Oh, and there are far fewer "bargains" to be found. No more young strikers waiting to blossom for only 250 points, etc. Overall the players seem more expensive - which makes sense, I guess, if we're only dealing with top division teams. So far with my slightly upgraded team - but with still far too many poor quality players - goals are hard to come by, so I've got a lot of 1-0, 0-1, 0-0 & 1-1 results.

    One new feature (to me, anyway, it may have been there in the past) is that you can now take free kicks from a "behind the kicker" perspecive and choose the arc/curve of the ball - based on the kicker's abilities, of course. Kind of cool, and it's nice to have a bit more control on free kicks.

    So, overall, I think this is a big improvement. I don't know if it's a big change from 2012, but that's part of why I don't buy the update every year for sports games - usually the small changes don't justify the price. But this is only $20, so kudos to Konami for that. I'm very happy with PES 2013 so far. The gameplay mechanics are unchanged, for the most part, but the feel of the gameplay has improved for the better. I can't wait to get some better players up front to see how that helps.

    A couple more quick notes: the in-game graphics are pretty much the same, maybe slightly better, but there's only so much the Wii can do. (I'm looking forward to a Wii U version) The cut-scene graphics are improved, mostly in the fact that the player models are more varied, and they've done a better job of making famous players more recognizable, though many players now look vaguely cro-magnon.

    Lastly - I think the AI is much improved. AI is one of those effemeral things that game companies like to tout and give fancy names to, but I think Konami have actually done something here. In 2009, even at the highest difficulty level, defenders would sometimes just move out of your way. Now they mostly position themselves intelligently and make it much more difficult to get off a clear shot. They crowd the box, they hound you constantly, they make intelligent passes, they will play to open space, and keep the ball moving. Plus they dive in the penalty box - or at least that's my take on it. A penalty in the 89th minute! It had to be a dive! :)

    UPDATE 12/29/12: So I'm still enjoying this game. I've now upgraded my team and I'm leading the EPL just past the January transfer window of my second season. Negotiations are much tougher than they were in 2009. Most offers seem to get rejected, but that's probably more realistic - oh, and I have all of the Master League transfer settings at their defaults. One last note on AI: it's improved, the box is often crowded with defenders. It's tough to get a cross to your men in the box, shots and passes are blocked much more frequently and you really have to work to find open space. Still love this game, still disappointed by the lack of a second division.