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  • Augur - Very good HDD

    Again, an excelent HDD. Fast for a 5900 rpm drive. Didn't have the issues of my previous 2Tb 7200rpm WD HDD, which had higher transfer rates, but couldn't sustain them. I currently have slightly more than 2 Tb of data, so copying it all takes 6-8 hours. My aforementioned 2Tb Western Digital disk had faster transfer rates initially, but when copying ~1,4Tb (I was moving up from a 1,5Tb disk) it soon trickled down to 30-60 Mb/s, so took much longer to finish copying the data. This seagate drive on an USB3 connection had 80-100 Mb/s sustained copying speed. It may be that it has a bigger cache, or may be the lower rotation speed (rpm) avoids overheating and it helps sustain copying speeds. Anyway this seagate drive is much better. Besides it's speed is more than enough for streaming high def movies. As with any other HDD realiability can be seen only in time and a couple of weeks is still very little time to make any conclusions about it. All I can say is that it has been an excelent drive for now and I can definitely recommend it.

    P.s. normaly I don't like external drives, but it's design is easily stackable (although I haven't done that) and very stable. An the design may be minimalistic, but I do like it. It somehow makes me recall the black monolith in "2001 - A space odyssey".

  • Post, Marnie - Happy and healthy from now on.

    After being diagnosed with Crohn's disease at age 18, I'd watched my symptoms grow more severe as the years passed. Seven years later, my flare-ups of the disease were becoming longer, more painful, and less responsive to the lastest drugs. This book finally gave me some control.

    I started using Elaine's diet on Jan. 1, 2000, determined to be well. It's been eight months, and I'm doing great. My symptoms gradually disappeared after 2 months on the diet. At this point I am 100% free of symptoms with the exception of when I get a little lazy and eat out more, or buy deli foods that I'm "pretty sure" are safe on the diet. Inevitably I can backtrack and find the offending substance(s) in foods that have brought about mild "reminders". I've been off prednisone for 3 months (longer than I've been off it in years), and I'm off 80% of my other medications.

    The suggestions in this book may seem difficult, or even impossible to follow (believe me, 90% of my previous diet included foods that are off limits on this diet), but no piece of bread, glass of milk, or chocolate is worth experiencing the loss of health this disease, and other GI diseases, imposes.

    My most sincere thanks to Elaine Gottschall, Dr. Hass, and others, whose research has given us the information in this book. I no longer worry about how much longer I can get away with not having surgery, where my income will come from after using all my sick days from work, or what medications could harm my unborn child when it comes time to start a family. Thanks to the specific carbohydrate diet, this disease is under my control.

    Support group information online can be found at

    Update 8/12/01 This diet has allowed me to be symptom-free and medication-free for well over a year. The longer you do it the easier it gets!

  • Anonymous81 - Hilarious!

    The things most people think about but never say are encapsulated in this literary masterpiece. This is a collection of articles on everything political. Liberals, conservatives, and everyone in between can enjoy hours of laughter and food for thought from Ann Coulter's sarcasitic yet persuasive banter.

  • William T. St.Blanc - Officially the best Disney Guides

    These guys have Disney down to a smooth science. I get the book, apply to the nominal priced website "" and get updates each year, that keeps your old book current. This is my first DisneyLAND book because this will be my first trip out there and all other trips were to Orlando.

  • Richard - This is Fantastic for Acne Breakouts and cold sores

    Well... I cannot believe how great this product is... I am from the Caribbean and ordered this product because of its reviews...

    I have never looked better... my face looks and feels so smooth after using this after 3 days....

    Acne breakouts subside and flatten....

    I am going to buy another one just to put in storage.. in-case they stop production on this...

    I have never used a product like this.. it actually gets ride of cold sores too....
    I will never have acne breakout again..