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  • dispo - Can't live without itI have IBS-D, take Align daily because it helps control urgency and loose stools, which was the "biggie" for me. (Also helps with gas, & other digestive upsets) Anyone with IBS must research to find what you can and cannot eat, but taking Align is a no-brainer. Just try it. I now get it through the Subscription plan from Great price, sent automatically each month.
  • - Food does Matter, The diet really helps!All westeren doctors say diet has no effect on colitis.They are WRONG. I listened for nine years to doctors say food doesn't matter to IBD. All the while horrible side effects from drugs started adding up and the drugs stopped working. Besides the book I found the SCD Website very helpful in using the diet "specific carbohydrate diet". In four months it has changed my life. It really does matter what goes into your gut. Don't get fooled by your doctor into thinking diet doesn't matter. Try SCD to heal. How could the The food you eat not make a difference while your healing? Mrs. Gotshall has found the correct food to heal the IBD Gut.
  • Shantel - OMG!!! LOVE IT!!!I HAVE THE GREENSTAR JUICER THAT WILL DO EVERYTHING INCLUDING MAKE YUMMY BANANA ICECREAM, BUT I am just not in the mood to mess with that big machine that has like a million peace's. don't get me wrong, these high quality juice machines are wonderful for the vegan and raw lifestyle, but sometimes ya just want a simple solution for one thing!!! WELL LET ME TELL YOU!!! STOP LOOKING CAUSE YOU HAVE FOUND THE PERFECT PRODUCT!!! OMG!!! I just love this product, it's so wonderful!!! I put about 2 bananas in there, but the way I do it is: first I put a half frozen banana, then some walnuts, then some Onceagain Almond Butter-Raw/Crunchy (100% Organic), 16-Ounce (bought it on amazon) then push it through, then I put another half frozen banana, walnuts and Onceagain Almond Butter-Raw/Crunchy (100% Organic), 16-Ounce, just repeat until you are done. OMG!!! this ice cream taste like the real thing, now mind you, I haven't any sugar products in a long time, so it's sweet to me, you may have to ad honey, sugar or any other sweetener. the next thing I am going to try is a frozen avocado. you put a slices of frozen avocado, and some pistachio nuts and a little honey, and wallla, you have pistachio ice cream!!! these are just tips of some no sugar kind of treats. you could put fresh mint and chocolate chips along with banana or avocado or frozen coconut or something else that's a frozen fruit and make like a chocolate chip mint ice cream. Buy this product if you are trying to stay away from the real toxic yummy stuff!!! To your new yonanas lifestyle!!! Cheers!
  • t. mirabz - No more Y chromosomes!I am so glad that BIC finally designed a pen so sensitive to my feminine needs that they got rid of that pesky Y-chromosome in the middle of the word "cr-stal" and spelled it with an "i" instead! And they made sure to pick the only colors that women love because what says "I'm a woman!" Like pastel! Thank you BIC for designing something I can really use.