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  • Thom Mitchell - My Daughter Loves this GameMost video games seem to be made for older kids, but not Kinectimals. My daughter and her friends absolutely love playing this game. In fact I have to ration their playing time because they could play for hours if I let them. The interaction is great and the interface is easy to learn, even for little kids. Definitely glad I decided to purchase this game - what surprised me is that I also found it fun to play with my daughter.
  • CAF - Excellent! I must take antibiotics after a hip replacement due to an infection. Align repopulates my gut with good bacteria!I have to take antibiotics every day of my life due to an staph infection received at a hospital after a hip replacement surgery. My doctor recommened Align and I take it almost every day. I have not had the dreaded enteric infection that causes so many problems (extreme debilitating diarrhea) for people on antibiotics.

    I have been taking this product for 3 years and highly recommend it. The price listed here on Amazon was very good and it was delivered for free.

    I do keep a spread sheet on the cost of my meds and am constantly looking for competitive prices, balanced with convenience.
  • Roy's QuickBooks for the Mac - QuickBooks for the MacWe are OuickBook (Windows) users and IT/Software/Bookkeeping Services consultant for past 15 years. More clients moving to Mac and we did too! QuickBooks on the Mac is awesome!! Still use both becasue of clients with Mac, and Windows PC. We have the best of both worlds...QuickBooks for Mac and Windows PC! However, QuickBooks on Mac is better than anything we've ever used!