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Country: Europe, NL, Netherlands

  • Holly A. Nabours - LOVE this stroller!!!!!Let me start off by saying that this is the first product review I have ever written, and that I am a very picky person. Having said that, I cannot praise this stroller enough!!! I have 5 children and have had as many umbrella-type strollers. This one is truly amazing; it's amazing enough to prompt me to write a review! 1) I am 5'9" tall, and my husband is 6'. The handle-height alone was nearly enough to make me do a happy dance! The handles are ergonomically designed and cushioned for extra comfort. 2) I read one of the reviews that said this stroller is small and flimsy. This stroller is the largest and sturdiest lightweight stroller I have ever owned! 3) It reclines so far back that my little one will be able to nap comfortably in it. 4) The sun shade is incredible! Not only does it extend very far out, but it also has a little drop-down panel in the front to shield the child's eyes from the sun. 5) It is very easy to fold out and up. 6) The mesh basket underneath was a bonus since most of the lightweight stroller I've owned didn't even have one. 7) It is a very smooth to push. I'm looking forward to using it at Disneyworld!
  • Ralph D. Hermansen - Doubt is Their Product"Doubt is Their Product" is a well researched and scholarly book. It is also tells a very sad story. The government we trust to keep us safe has put the foxes in charge of the henhouses. OSHA, for example, has been so intimidated that it has quit trying to protect us. The nuclear weapons industry has contaminated the countryside and used security as an excuse to hide the fact. The FDA has little to no funding to protect us from drugs with serious side effects. If you vote, you must read this book. If you work near chemicals, you would be an idiot not to read it.
    Ralph Hermansen 02/28/09